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Tachyon: The Fringe Review

Most people donít like simulation games because they find the controls too complicated to use them swiftly, you have to keep the flying chart right in front of you so that you can know which key you will have to press. The worse part is there are dozens of controls on the chart and you just have to find the ones you are looking for to go on. Most of the time, you will die before you have the chance to find it. Tachyon: The Fringeís controls are very easy to use and to remember. For those who have never heard of the game it surely will interest you even if you donít like simulations. Those kinds of games have existed for a long time but never with a good story line. I never really liked simulations until this game showed in our office.

System requirements
The Game
  • Pentium 200 with MMX
  • 8MB video memory (16MB recommended)
  • DirectX 6.0 (included on CD)
  • 32MB RAM (64MB recommended)
  • 64MB RAM required for AGP cards
  • 500MB available on hard disk space
  • 4X speed CD-ROM drive
  • Windows 95, 98, 2000
  • Mouse


(+,-) $40USD

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Bruce Campbell is in the series Xena (As the King of Thefts) and Army of Darkness. If you are a fan of him, you will find another reason to like this game; Bruce Campbell did the voice of your character, Jake Logan. And thatís not the only interesting part, the guidebook inside the box is very captivating. The book describes the story of Logan, the sides, regions and all the other characters. It has also some descriptions of upgrades and weapons. The way they represented it gives you the mood to read it before you start the game.

The Story of Jake Logan

Jacob Kyle Logan was born on April 12th of 2474 at a rural hospital in New Osaka, Mars. His father, James Logan, tended a humble bar on the outskirts of the city, while his mother Linda worked as public relations manager for a large corporation. He spent his summers helping his father run the bar and dealing with the small town locals. The rest of his time, he escorted his mother from planet to planet as she oversaw the workings of various offices. Enjoying the independence of the small town and the adventure of space travel, Jake wanted nothing more than to become a star pilot.

When Logan was 14 years old, he had his first taste of excitement. While en route to Uranus with his mother, pirates hijacked their transport. The criminals murdered the captain of the vessel and put the passengers in restraints. As Star Patrol tried to negotiate with the pirates, Jak found his opportunity to undo the restraints and slip away into the access ducts of the craft. Taking control of the empty pilot seat, He attempted to fly the ship away from the criminalís cruiser. Jakeís lack of experience however caused the ship to enter into a violent series of spins and rolls. Not expecting the sudden motion, the pirates were abruptly thrown about the ship. This gave Star Patrol the opportunity they needed to overcome the pirates and rescue the passengers. Jake was an instant hero.

When old enough, Jake enrolled at the renowned Ogden Pilot and Navigational School on the Telesto Moon of Saturn. Unlike many of the students, Jake didnít have a corporate or military sponsor and had to work two jobs just to put himself through the college. While most of his graduating class opted for a straightforward career in Star Patrol, Jake craved the freedom of being a contract pilot. His early jobs dealt with low-budget deep space runs where he flew no-name scientists out to the far regions of the galaxy. Taking large risks for little money eventually paid off when a company called Advance Ganymede Technologies (AGT) took notice. Sensing Jakeís potential, they offered him a home in their company and before long, Jake secured a good reputation as a quick thinking corporate pilot who could stay cool in the thick of the things.

He had been living comfortably and everything was good for him. After his brief vacation Logan returned to his Star-base. He had to protect a light freighter (Argoso 914) for a mission of mercy. But when Argose 914 suddenly exploded on the landing pad wiping out everyone in the space station, Jake was framed for a crime he did not commit. He is sentenced to exile for sol system, into the dangerous fringe of colonized space, the place thatís anything but peaceful. And now Jake Logan must survive by the only means he knows how, as a gun-for-hire.


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