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Europa Universalis

Developed by Paradox Entertainment and published by Strategy First. Europa Universalis is an extremely detailed historical recreation during the time period of 1492 to 1792. It is centered on Europe although it is possible to explore the entire world. You are able to control one of eight powers (in the grand campaign, potentially you can control up to 90 different nations). It is your job to turn you nation into a powerhouse and control the world. Of course this won't be easy, but that's all part of the fun.

The Game

System Requirements:
Pentium 200MHz
Win 9x/NT/2000
2Mb of Video Ram
64Mb RAM
180Mb Hard drive space

Recommended Requirements:
Pentium II 300MHz
128Mb RAM


Paradox Entertainment
Strategy First

(+,-) $45USD

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It's very evident that the game designers have done a huge amount of historical research to make the events in the game as historically accurate as possible or at least plausible. You can't help but admire the quality and bulk of research that has been put into this game.

One of the best features of the game is probably the fact that you can pick from several different nations to play as in each campaign. For example, if you manage to win the grand campaign as France, you can start over and try to win it with Britain or Spain. Each nation has its own strengths and weaknesses and their own special objectives in some cases. With all these play options you won't have much trouble finding many hours worth of game play in this one. Oh, did I mention that there are over 800 land provinces and 550+ sea zones spanning the entire globe? That's a lot to explore!

To keep things a little simpler military was left at a very general level, with three different land units to choose from: Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery. It may sound a little skimpy, but it's all you really need. Well that's the basics, so head to page two for a more detailed look.


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