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Game interface

The game is divided into four acts. Each act has a city, boss, quests and several waypoints to give you fast access through some far areas, but you will have to find the waypoint, activate it and then, only then, you will be able to teleport to other activated waypoints. You can also use the waypoints to go back to the previous acts. During the majority length of the game, you will be able to hire someone to aid or sacrifice himself or herself for you along the act.

This gameís difficulties are just like in Diablo. With Nightmare, after finishing normal and Hell after finishing Nightmare. As the difficulty goes up, the enemyís health, strength, defence are going to multiply many times form the last level. Demons will drop more gold; you get more experience when you kill, your hired companionís characteristics will increase the same way your enemies will increase. You will also encounter new monsters. They might look the same but they are tougher and have different colours. You can always play with a hardcore player, you only get one life so if you die, you are dead forever.

There are many varieties of weapons, armouries, amulets and rings that you can find or buy. Yet still, you can find armours, shields, helmets and weapons many times stronger than the normal armours once you have reached Nightmare level. It is still the same object but with different names. Example, quilted armour has a defence of 10 (The crappiest armour), now a ghost-quilted armour could reach 150 or higher in defence. Thatís one hell of a difference. There are other things such as unique items and rare items. The name says it all. They are both very hard to find. Therefore, if you were logical, you would know that when something takes time to find, it must be powerful. There are also set items. Legends had it that those items once belonged to a great hero. After collecting the set of that certain hero, it gives you magical powers. I never got the chance to finish collecting a set, most of the time they belong to different heroes.

You got 5 players to chose from: Amazons, Barbarians, Necromancers, Paladins and the Sorceresses. Each of them has their specific way of fighting, some can go into close combat, others will keep their distance and only the Necromancer will just take a nap and watch his army of the undead ravage the devils. So depending on your style of playing the game, you might enjoy it more with some characters than you might with others. Most people chose the paladin because of Diablo. Some chose Necromancer because of the magical spirit powers.

The official net support for Diablo2 is Battle.net. It is simple to use and you can actually finish your game with someone that you donít know at all. Multiplayer is more fun than single player because you get a bigger chance to survive when you fight a band of enemies or a boss. They can give you great cover and can get you out of a boom rush. Thatís not all, you donít have to ally with anyone, you can go hostile with them to test out your skills and kill them or be killed. It is most likely to be killed when you are alone and they are more than one, because you might be superior to them but they will just torment you and make you run in circles while others use magic to attack you.

There are many different environments to discover along the way and different monsters too. So, you will never get bored of killing the same old monsters. The presentation of the game is excellent, with a very good and easy gameplay. The book is ok, Pretty thick though. It has all the vital information of how to play and detailed list of your characterís magic skills. Itís like every other PC games book. The box is great; it has a very attractive front cover. Inside the cover, it shows the city of act2 and describes each hero. On the back of the cover, it wasnít a wise move to enlarge the screenshots because the pixels are visible. The way the titles are written is very interesting. Up to this point, everything looks impeccable, but it isnít. I really got annoyed by the way the monsters die. There arenít enough kinds of death. They should have added more actions to death. After all, this game is made for mature audience and not for kids

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