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Bang! Gunship Elite review

When this game first arrived in our office, I thought that it would be another space simulation like Freelance2 or Tachyon: The Fringe. Well it turned out to be quite different, but it is still a space simulation, well sort of. It is more like an arcade game. As I played, I found it quite fun because of the reckless fighting. Unfortunately I got bored after a couple of missions. As for the controls, well, it has very simple controls. Some of you might say that it must be lousy because of the keys, well its not. Of course, it has taken away most of a space simulationís style but itís still fun in a different way. The killing and ship blowing is simply addicting. The graphics are just breathtaking.

The Story
System requirements
The Game
  • Pentium 233 with MMX
  • 8MB video memory (16MB recommended)
  • DirectX 7.0 (included on CD)
  • 32MB RAM (64MB recommended)
  • 64MB RAM required for AGP cards
  • 500MB available on hard disk space
  • 4X speed CD-ROM drive
  • Windows 95, 98, 2000
  • Mouse


(+,-) $40USD

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You are the proud fighter civilization of the Arikhan. For centuries, we have policed and defended our home system. In 3891, after signing the treaty of the three races, we became part of the alliance, uniting our strength with the technological advances of the Dagon and the Khâ mining abilities of their Numidian android race. The result to this treaty tripled our patrol area, which means that the allianceís defences needed wider reach. They were desperate but luckily, our Arikhan ancestors courageously answered. However, their technologies were way inferiors to the time so the Dagon brought much advancement to our civilization. We soon evolved to the point of absolute superiority all thanks to the Khâ and the alliance became the most powerful force in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Our first priority was to defend the Khâ resources. At first, there was very little threat to our societies aside from petty theft and embezzlement until the Sektar wanting to control all Khâ reserves. Once the alliance officially formed and fully united, the Sektar experienced similar organization. Powered by bitterness and greed, they began forging documents to acquire and stock Khâ for their own purposes. Once they grew in power and number, they proceeded to steal Arikhan ships and Khâ laden Numidian transport ships. It took only a few confirmed missing ship reports before our Grand Council voted on a resolution, which was to exclude the Sektar forever from joining the Coalition. After several failed attempts to invade the alliance territory, the Sektar realized that they needed to increase their size and abilities to become a serious threat. To surmount those inadequacies, the Sektar joined with the Morgoths, a mysterious race and savage warriors, known for their deadly horrifying tactics throughout the galaxy. With the extra power and number of the morgoths, The Sektar became, and remains, an extremely formidable enemy.

Even after many years of war, the Alliance maintained control of the Khâ reserves until recently, the tides have turned in favour of the Sektar and their ill-intentioned brood. We are being outnumbered and outgunned in many sectors. That is why you have chosen to join the Gunship Elite. You will not have full completion of your training because of the state. You will soon deploy on a series of missions that ultimately decides the fate of each race in the Alliance. Donít forget that you fight for our future.

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