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More specs and features

We have always had a love affair with Matrox and their 2D display quality. Matrox built their business on it and it continues to remain a high priority at Matrox. What is interesting is that the G550 Dual-DVI features the identical specs for the G450 when it comes to its RAMDAC. This is one area Matrox didn't have to make any changes in.

I recently upgraded to the Solarism LM 1503 Flat Panel which features a standard DSUB input. This panel features a very bright and powerful output and with other video cards I have a tendency to get a headache if I am reading smaller fonts for any extended period of time. I was very happy with the improvement I noticed with the G550 Dual-DVI. Gone are my headaches and, more importantly, gone is the eyestrain I develop with other video cards. If you have a display capable of very fine dot pitches you don't know what you are missing until you experience 2D quality that is this good. Matrox isn't kidding when they say "The Millennium G550 Dual-DVI is the premier product for business and 2D workstation users."

One very unusual feature of the G550 Dual-DVI is its inclusion of the new HeadCasting technology. Ever want to play Max Headroom during your next board meeting? Simply scan a couple of pictures of yourself or grab the digital camera. With a frontal pic and a profile you have the necesary means to create a 3-dimensional talking head. As bizarre as this may initially sound it makes sense when you consider presentations that are made over long distances or even when using chat software - now you can see your conversation instead of just hearing it. To enable this versatility Matrox included Digimask to create your HeadCast, Virtual Presenter which incorporates with Microsoft Powerpoint, and HeadFone which is your chat software. Also present is the familiar DualHead technology which allows work to be spread over two displays. I delved quite deeply into DualHead in my original G450 review and also the review of the Third Generation DualHead Drivers when they were first released.


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