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2D Quality

The TNT2 Ultra I use for text editing has a gorgeous picture all the way up to 1024x768@85Hz. Just one step higher, 1280x1024@85Hz, and noticeable but tolerable degradation sets in. At my ViewSonic E790's max 1600x1200@75Hz, the picture is there but text is so small I find myself "kissing the screen" just to see what's going on. Black text on a white background is only moderately clear at this point. After repeating those same tests with a Creative Labs Anihillator GTS and the LeakTek Winfast GTS, I can conclude that the RAMDAC is of a slightly worse quality than the Diamond Viper V770 Ultra. Go figure?

Everything up to 1024x768@85Hz looks marvelous, but more than moderate degradation takes place at 1280x1024 and above. At 1600x1200, distinct horizontal moire' is visible to such a degree that you'd swear there was "ghost" text on the screen to the right of every letter. Again, both GTS examples had this effect, so I can't directly blame LeadTek for this 2D dissapointment. If 2D is paramount to your setup, get some other (non-Nvidia) card, possibly a Matrox or ATI, arguably the 2D king of computer video.

Benchmarking Setup

Intel Pentium 3 933 @ 933MHz and 980MHz
Heatsink & Fan
Intel Retail
Abit SE6 rev 1.0 w/SW BIOS
Mushkin 128MB CAS2 PC133 (384MB total)
Hard Drive
IBM 30.7GB 75GXP 7200 RPM ATA100


Plextor 12-10-32 IDE CD-RW
Sound Card
Onboard AC97
Video Card
LeadTek Winfast GTS 64MB (200 mem/333 core)


Operating System
Windows 98SE
Video Drivers
Detonator 5.22
Benchmarking Applications
OpenGL From Quake 3 Area version 1.11: demo0001 "N" (640x480@16bpp), demo001 "H" (1024x768@32bpp).
DirectX From Unreal Tournament version 420: UTBench.dem "N" (640x480@16bit), UTBench.dem "H" (1024x768@32bpp). From 3DMark2000 build 335: default benchmark at 1024x768@16bpp (3DMarks).
Other From WinTune98 version 42: D3D (MP/s), OpenGL (MP/s). Video tests ran at 1024x768@16bpp.


Web Target PC


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