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More specs and features

With the amazingly good 2D graphics of the Matrox G450 I was hoping to get similar results with the Leadtek MX DH Pro. Since it is packaged with 350 MHz RAMDAC I had no trouble reading even the smallest of odd fonts. If you have a 2 year old or older video card I'd recommend moving up to a newer card just for the great 2D that recent accelerators produce. I sometimes run at very high resolutions with some near microsocopic fonts and was very impressed with the 2D abilities of the Leadtek card.

One thing that I really liked about Leadtek's Enhanced GTS was its on board 3 LEDs. They are: AGP 4x, Error, and Power. The AGP 4x LED is self explanatory. Want to know if you have your motherboard setup for AGP 4x transfers? The LED will be a quick and easy reference. More interesting were the Power and Error LEDs. One of the most common problems I run into with video cards is that they are not seated all the way into the AGP slot. The Power LED will clearly let you know if your lack of display is due to a dead card or one that is not seated properly. The Error LED will let you know if there is something else causing the problem with your display. If we could get a diagnostic function with that LED to let us troubleshoot the problem I'd say that would be about perfect.

Even more

Leadtek proudly calls this card the DH Pro. While there are some MX cards that don't feature DualHead it appears to be a very cost effective way to get some great features on the card. DualHead allows you to spread your desktop across two monitors, display an independent image on the second monitor, and even use a RV set as your second display device.

What good would a card heavy on features be without good software? Not much if you ask me. Included with this card were WinDVD, Speed Runner, Cult3D, and Colorific. WinDVD is a very good software DVD player. I was impressed with its high-quality playback and stability. I think that Colorific is one of the most useful utilities out there. I was pretty surprised to see how far off the color on my display was. This becomes very important if you spend a lot of time working with images, especially ones where fleshtones are important.

One of the best features of the Leadtek WinFast GTS is its WinFox software. I've been leary in the past to even bother installing the extra display settings software that most manufacturers supply. Truth is that I can change settings very easily just using the standard Windows features. Where WinFox makes itself valuable is that it incorporates all these features into one neat and easy to use program. You can adjust your color depth and resolution without having to go into too many different screens.

One thing that blew me away was that Leadtek included a tab for overclocking the card past the stock core and memory settings.. Most manufactuers don't like the idea of the user overclocking their cards. In my opinion it wouldn't have made much sense to include the great heatsink and memory that this card has just to run it at its stock speed. The stock 175 MHz core and 166 MHz memory speeds were very easy to pass. How do 220 MHz core and 210 MHz memory sound? And those results were rock solid stable during two weeks of punishment. I don't think I have to spend very much time trying to convince people of the benefits of overclocking their video card.


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