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FIC RADEON 8500 Review

The Board
  • ATI 8500 Chip
  • 3.6ns DDR Memory
  • S-Video Output
  • Dual Monitor Outputs
  • DVI-I Output for flat panels

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FIC Page
Approx $230 USD

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nVidia has been in the graphics lead for the last two years; taking ATIís crowd on the mobile market, their strong relation ship with apple and perhaps the most important of all taking the lead in the desktop market.

Not long ago, ATI introduced their latest desktop solution; the RADEON 8500 chip, claimed to be worlds fastest and most advanced graphics technology to date. In this article we take a look at the FIC RADEON AT007 board, their RADEON 8500 Powered video card.

Radeon 8500 Graphics chip

Without going into technical detail and covering the Radeon 8500 specifications, the chip features four pixel pipelines with two texture units per pipeline. ATI doesnít really acknowledges this but it happens that the retail version runs at 275MHz and features a 550MHz DDR memory compared to the OEM version that runs slightly lower at 250MHz and 500MHz DDR memory.

The Retail version is capable of 8.8GB/s of bandwidth for the memory and 1.100MP/s for its Peak Pixel Fill Rate; the OEM version is capable of 8.0GB/s (memory) and 1.000MP/s of Peak Pixel Fill Rate. The 8500 Chip (R200 Core) is based on a .15-micron manufacturing process features moreover 60 million transistors.

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