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Visioneer 6200 USB Scanner

Just a few weeks ago we worked with Visioneer's latest and fastest OneTouch 8600 Model, this scanner ended up winning our editor's choice award for it's scan quality and ease of use. The 8600 easly beats out five other brands, such as UMAX, Mustek, Hewlett Packard, and AGFA for overall usability. Not only did the 8600 end up being the top choice for the advanced home user, but it also ended being the perfect business companion with its powefull OCR features and high DPI. Selling for a street price of $199USD will unfortunantly limit this product to people with money or the ones looking for top-notch quality scanning without worrying about price tags.

The product
  • Optical Resolution 600 x 1200 dpi
  • Hardware Supersampling Resolution 1200 dpi
  • Enhanced Resolution (interpolated) 2400 dpi
  • Scanner Bit Depth (color) 42-bit internal (over 4 trillion colors)
  • Scanner Bit Depth (grayscale) 14-bit internal (16,384 shades of gray)
  • Output Bit Depth 24-bit color,
  • 8-bit grayscale


(+,-) $90USD

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For this matter, we decided to take a look at visioneerís latest 6200USB scanner. The 6200USB is very similar in technical terms to the 8100 Model which we will be working on next week, but as you might have already noticed, doesnít feature the OneTouch panel. Because of this and some other features not being on board, visioneer can manufacture the 6200USB at a much lower price.

A Serious Scanner for Serious Scanners

How do you know that youíre a serious scanner? You want at least 600x1200-dpi resolution in hardware mode (not software interpolation) and you donít want to wait all day for it. Good, no, great quality is a must and, of course, you own a PC with USB ports. Unless recovering from system crashes and lockups are you forteí, We suggest having at least 128MB of RAM, preferably 256MB.

We used scanners with 64, 128 and 256MB RAM configs and let us pass on that if 600x1200 32, 42-bit color 8.5"x11" scans are your norm, grab at least 256MB. Why do you need all that RAM? Because this jewel screams speedwise. Turn on system monitoring (Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Monitoring) and look at the memory manager: unused physical memory. In Windows 98, which you need for this scanner, watch the amount drop to near zero when processing your favorite pics. Yeah, before all you nut jobs start holleriní that your swapfile can be virtual RAM, consider this: Do you want 800MB/s or 15MB/s processing speed? Itís simply annoying to click "acquire image" and then run off to lunchÖ

The installation

As in most scanners, the first step will be unlocking the protection tab located at the bottom of the unit. The locking tab protects the scannerís scan head by holding it securely in position. Make sure to lock the scanner when transporting it from one location to another, but always remember to unlock it before scanning because it wonít scan when locked.

The next step will be inputing the power source from the included DC adapter, when done take the included 6" USB cable, and connect it to the PC, you should see a message appear on you windows based machine, saying that it has found an USB based device. Ignore this window and insert the Visioneer CD, the setup should automoatically start if "auto insert notification" is enabled on that particular drive. Continue the process. Around the final phase of the setup, the scanner will be re-detected and properly configured.

Drivers, drivers, drivers. Fully three sets of device drivers are mandatory if you have any hope of producing accurate scans. In addition to the scanner drivers, current monitor drivers and printer drivers must be downloaded and installed. Within the monitor drivers are ICM (Image Color Matching) files that assist in the WYSIWYG capabilties of the screen. Well-supported photo quality printers have similar files within their drivers and of course, the ICM printing option must be activated. Consult your respective manuals, websities, and driver "readme" files for more information.

Technical Impressions

The 6200USB scanner features a single button on its front menu. Itís the OneTouch button panel used to scan with your cusomized settings. A noticeable missing feature on the 6200USB is the parallel port. For production reasons Visioneer decided to sacrifice the parallel port, this shouldnít be a problem for most because parallel scanning is in its extinction phase because of the new Universal Serial Bus (USB) Standard which offers faster transfers.

The Visioneer 6200USB features scanning at an optical resolution of 600 x 1200dpi, the 42-bit color capability is achieved through an internal 14-bit analog to digital (A/D) converter that recognizes over 4 trillion colors. Each dot in an electronic color image comes from a blend of red, green, and blue (RGB). You can enhance it to 2400dpi through software interpolation. The scanning quality of the 6200 is very crisp and colorfull, in some scenes, supperior to the 8600 scanner.

If you take a closer look at the specifications of both units, you will notice that the 8600 scanner offers 36-bits and is using a 12-bit converter reconizing 68 billions of colors. Compared to the 6200 that features a 14-bit A/D converter and supporting up to 42-bits of color, thatís over 4 trillions colors. All in all, these differencies could be hardly distinguished when compared, as itís very hard to notice a reasonable difference.

Software Bundle

Visioneer included an interesting bundle with its 6200 Scanner. Similar bundles are distributed with all of their scanners. PaperPort Deluxe software easily manages all your documents and images and works with most popular applications. TextBridge Pro 8 OCR turns scanned documents into editable formatted text.

MGI PhotoSuite II SE Lets you easily capture, touch-up, transform, organize, create, show and share photos with family, friends and business associates. High quality templates create everything from calendars to business stationary. MGI PhotoSuite II SE delivers unparalleled functionality, productivity and entertainment to home and business users.

PaperPort Links™ let you drag and drop your documents and images instantly onto linked applications. WebPublisher Creates HTML links to post your scanned image to the Internet with WebPublisher link.


Selling at a street price of $89.99 at Visioneerís online store, this scanner is one of the best products in its price range. The 6200USB is mostly targeted for the home market, but by looking at its specifications we could easly put it in a much higher performance level. The 6200USB can be easly compared to an other brand's 150$ scanners. Visioneer customers will also highly appreciate its official support for windows 2000. We would like to congratulate Visioneer again for its latest low priced quality scanner. We award it a 9/10 and give it our Value Award for its affordable price and scanning quality.

Oleg Mitskaniouk

Web Target PC


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