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SAMSUNGíS ML-1450 and ML-1440 Printers

Lately, there has been quite a lot of competition going on in the laser printerís market. Of course, Samsung, a potential player in this market, is involved in this race to the top. Therefore, we shall today review two samples that they sent to us. These units are the ML-1450 and ML-1440 printers. Due to the fact that the only different between the two units is that the ML-1450 enjoys a 1200 DPI while its little brother only has a 600 DPI, this review will be based on the ML-1450 specs and performances.

The unit
  • Speed 15 ppm
  • Resolution 1200 dpi
  • Duty cycle 12,000 pages per month
  • Processor 66 MHz RISC Processor MHz
  • Memory Maximum 68 MB

Samsung USA
Approx $270 USD

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So, do these monochrome laser printers truly offer professional print, speed, and robust paper handling capabilities just as Samsung claims them to do? Well, all this will be revealed throughout this article. For that reason, letís go to the first section of this review: the examination of the ML-1450ís specifications and features.


The ML-1450 is not the smallest printer out there with its 14.3"x 16.1" x 11.6" dimensions (weighting 27.3 lbs without any paper in the cassette). For the noise ratio, it only emits 35 dB while on standby and 48 dB when printing. These numbers are quite acceptable compared to some other laser printers Iíve worked with.

Equipped with a 66 MHz RISC processor, this unit possesses 4 MB of memory which is upgradeable to up to 68 MB through a single 72pin SIMM expansion slot. Furthermore, this device can print up to 15 PPM (which is quite good for a printer of its class) and enjoys a real 1200 DPI resolution for crisp and sharp output.

Moreover, the ML-1450 comes with a 270 sheet paper cassette (an optional 550 sheet paper cassette is available) and a one sheet manual feeder which can be used for envelopes, labels, card stock or transparencies. Consequently, there are three output bays on this printer, but, as for the main one, it can contain 250 sheets facing down or 100 sheets facing up.

†It also comes with a toner cartridge (which can be bought separately and features a 6000 pages life. With the Toner Save option turned on, you can stretch that life spend by up to 40%! Furthermore, the monthly duty cycle of this laser printer is of an excellent 12000 sheets (that is more that enough for someone like me that printed about 1000 sheets in three months). Yes, that is indeed a lot of paper.

Along with this, the ML-1450 features (Samsung standards) the N-up (which enables you to print up to 16 pages on a single paper), Poster, Watermark, and Overlay printing options. Last, but not the least in the paper specs, this unit enjoys Paper Jam Free Technology. As for compatibility features, this device supports Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0/Me/XP, Linux, Mac OS (8.6 and greater) through IEEE 1284 Parallel or USB interface. †

Samsung ML Model

Installation and Results

Like the ML-4600 I previously reviewed, the ML-1450 didnít give me any installation problems under Windows XP, NT, and 98. For Win XP, the printer was recognized as soon as I connected it. In the two other Operating systems, all I had to do is pop in the driver CD in my CD-ROM and select the appropriate drivers.

As for printing results, through three months of normal operation, the ML-1450 didnít give me any problems whatsoever. No ink leaks, paper jams (yes, the Paper Jam Free Technology worked perfectly!), etc. Well, actually, nothing except the fact that I ran out of paper a couple of times. Even when I printed more then 50 pages at the same time, this unit would do exactly what it was supposed to do. As for its printing time, Iíve calculated an average time of 16 seconds for the first paper which is quite acceptable for this unit. It actually printed faster and nicer than my collegeís newly bought Lexmark laser printers.


The ML-1450 (by extension the ML-1440) is a solid and well balanced printer. It offers great features for about $260 USD and doesnít seem to break easily. Still, I was a little disappointed when I noticed it only had 4 MB of memory. I expected it to have 8 MB of memory. This would have distinguished it even more from the ML-1440. Furthermore, a NIC version of this printer would be appreciate because I really think this device would be more practical in a small office then in a house. Nevertheless, the ML-1450 holds up to Samsungís claim to offer professional print, speed, and robust paper handling. Therefore, I give this printer (and its brother) an 8.5/10. ††††

David Dorgerville

Web Target PC


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