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4600 Model Shown

A few other features that are worth mentioning are the document security feature and the group and poster printing modes. Another one in that category is the N-up printing feature. When this command is used, you can print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper. And last but not the least; the ML-4600 has a built in Toner Save button. When enabled, this feature can increase the toner cartridge’s life by up to 1000 pages (2500 in standard conditions; 3500 with the Toner Save activated) Therefore, if you print a lot of documents, this command can be very useful.

Well, I don’t know if others agree with me, but I must say that these features are pretty good for a laser printer that is only worth $232.00 USD.

The Tests…

Well, there wasn’t much testing to do, but I must say that I was very pleased by the printing quality of the ML-4600. The toner cartridge was extremely easy to install due to the fact that you don’t even have to unscrew something to open up the printer’s hatch; all there is are snaps on each side of the printer. I got the chance to test it in Win98, Win NT 4.0, and Win XP and I didn’t even encounter a single problem with it in either of these operating systems. I played around with resolutions and text formats and I was satisfied with all of them. The only little downer that I could possibly see in this device is the fact that, sometimes, when the Toner Save mode was enabled, there would be a bit too much toner saving, while not really a problem for printint text, this was mostly visible when printing pictures.


This printer is great! I didn’t have any configuration problems or of any other kind with this device. The printing quality was great and for its value, the performance was excellent. The ML-4600 is almost flawless; except the Toner Save incident, there was nothing else that bothered me. Therefore, I was in the obligation to give it a more then desired 8.5/10 So, do the ML-4600 and ML-4500 stand up to Samsung’s statement? Obviously, the answer is YES.

David Dorgerville



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