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The TravelMate 730 Series, Notebooks by Acer

The unit
  • Pentium III Mobile CPU
  • Intel® 440BX AGPset
    100MHz System Bus
  • 15.0" or 14.0" TFT color LCD
  • 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet,
  • 56K ITU V.90 data/fax modem
  • ATI Rage Mobility-M1 with 8MB SDRAM


Notebooks, introduced in the late 80's have made a big hit all over the world, being the first mobile computer with unlimited possibilities. Actually, the first laptop computer wasn't so mobile when compared to what's available today; they were 4 times larger than a notebook computer of these days. The fast growing technology lane sure did improve in the last years, as everything is getting smaller and smaller and at the same time much more powerful.

Acer Corporation of America, one of the best-known computer brands in North America for their quality computer products, introduced their new notebook product line in late January 2000. The 730 series, powered by the mighty Pentium III Mobile processor from 450-500MHz, and available with the SPEED STEP technology from 600 to 650Mhz and soon to come 700. We received a unit of the 730TXV model, powered by the 450Mhz PIII CPU. This review will focus on all the 730 series.

The TravelMate, your long term friend

The Acer TravelMate series are now available for quite some time, since the first release, their notebooks were always built under the high end terms, quality and durability are two simple words that could describe their product line. When Acer releases a new product, they always manage to manufacture an affordable and high end line for those with the budget, this is a big plus, compared to some other well known manufacturers who are having problems applying this technique.

Model: 730TXV 732TXV 734TL 736TL
CPU: Pentium® III 450MHz Pentium® III 500MHz Pentium® III 600MHz with Intel® SpeedStep™ Tech. Pentium® III 650MHz with Intel® SpeedStep™ Tech.
Display: 14.1" TFT XGA 14.1" TFT XGA 15" TFT XGA 15" TFT XGA
System Memory: 64MB PC-100 64MB PC-100 64MB PC-100 128MB PC-100
HDD: 6.0GB 9.0GB 12.0GB 18.0GB

A deeper look

The 730 TravelMates offer much more than good looks, Acer decided to use two major moves to keep the prices reasonable for their clients. First, they manufacture two different types of LCD display’s, 14.1" and the 15" display, a reasonable price difference is present between both. The other interesting move is the use of two different kinds of Pentium III Processors. They offer the well-known Pentium III and the new Pentium III with the Speed Step feature, offering an improved energy saving engine, more on that later.

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