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Ramp Networks WebRamp 700s

The Product
  • Built-in firewall
  • NAT and DHCP support
  • Denial of Service Attack Prevention
  • Web Browser Management
  • Multiple users can share a cable or DSL modem


(+,-) $479USD

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Ramp Networks is a company that isn't often heard of in the home-use network market. When I was able to get in contact with them they were kind enough to send a couple of their products, one of them being the WebRamp 700s. The 700s is aimed squarely at those who are concerned about loss of data to hackers due to its built in hardware firewall. I found the WebRamp 700s to be a worthy competitor in the small office network environment with a couple of unique features that let it stand apart from its competition.

First Impressions

Once I opened the box the first thing that caught my attention was that the unit is shipped with two ethernet cables. Both cables are ten feet long and are color-coded. The first cable was colored red and labeled as the crossover cable. The second cable is black and only carries a part number identifier on it. Why are the cables the first thing I mention? I can't tell you just how few networking components come equipped with ethernet cables from the manufacturer. It's become such a rarity that I really appreciate a company that takes the networking beginner into consideration and throws in all the necessary components to make their equipment work right off the bat.

The 700s is a compact 1.75" H x 4.5" D x 8" W. The front of the unit features a few LED's: power, test, Link, Tx, Rx, and the hub LED's. Of notice there is that the test light is designed to stay on for 90 seconds after the unit is turned on. Once the startup diagnostics are done the light should turn off. If it doesn't the manual simply states to reinstall your software. How's about that for troubleshooting? On the rear of the unit are the connectors for the power supply, WAN (Wide Area Network), and a four port 10BaseT hub. The fourth hub port can be used to control another hub behind the 700s. The instruction manual only lists the ability to control four computers via the built-in hub and doesn't mention the total amount of computers the 700s can support when another hub is used behind it. On the back of the box there is mention of the ability to purchase a different license to upgrade from 5 users to "25 to 100" or even "100 to 250" users.

Also in the box are the wall wart power supply, the software CD, and a bracket that allows the 700s to be wall mounted. I'm not sure too many of you will be wall mounting your network equipment, especially since it makes the LED's so hard to read, but to each their own. As you can see it's a very complete package in one box. Kudos to Ramp Networks for including all the components many other manufacturers consider "optional".


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