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The Components

Wireless-Ready Home Gateway

The first unit to discuss is the Wireless-Ready Home Gateway. Wow - what a name! The unit is configured to work as the hub for your entire network as it features not only the DSL/Cable input but also four 10/100 switched ports on top of what is available with wireless technology. Yes, this unit could easily serve as your router and then you can add wireless networking later so ou could build a very large network with this one unit. The unit features web-based network management and a Firewall is included with the unit to increase security.

If you look closely at the picture of the unit you'll notice that it has two PCMCIA cards sticking out of its side. The top slot is only for an 802.11b card while the bottom slot can accomodate another device such as HPNA, Voice over IP and BlueTooth products. Talk about flexibility in one unit! Priced at $99.99 USD that is one awesome unit. Included with the unit is a quick start manual, network cable, vertical mounting stand, and power supply. Vertical stand? Yup - if you happen to have a vertical cable modem you can now "coordinate" you accessories like this gateway.

PCMCIA 802.11b Wireless PC Card

The heart of any wireless network is the card/device that gets you on the airwaves. At $99.99 it is a pretty nice unit. If you look at the picture you'll a plastic area that extends past the metal of the PDMCIA card. This is the actual antennae. 802.11b is limited to 11MBps, which isn't much faster than the 10T networking that has been around for years. Imagine being able to walk around the house with your laptop though and you can start to see why 802.11b products are so attractive to mobile computers. The only thing included with the unit is the driver software on CD to make it work.


Web Target PC


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