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Azza PT-694TX

Azza PT-694TX


Pro Team Computer Corp is the manufacturer of AZZA main-boards. As a compnay they started by providing design and testing services to other large main-board manufacturers and have in the process developed a core competency in the research and development of main-boards. Being an outwardly focused and customer-driven company, Pro Team Computer Corp is now focusing on its ability to create their own motherboards.

The 694TX auto detects the CPU type and automatically chooses the proper CPU voltage. You may play with the voltage manually by using the JP11 jumper. When set to SHORT the CPU voltage will be 0.05V higher than normal, you cannot chose any other voltage than these two options. The voltage regulator is capable of 1.3V ~ 3.5V to support different Central Processing Units, but again no manual choices can be done.

The front side bus adjustments can be done via the DIPswitches, or via BIOS. In order to control them via the BIOS, you will have to set your standard FSB (66-100-133). For example: In order to choose the 140MHz FSB, you will have to adjust the dip switches to call the 133MHz bus, and just then the BIOS will display the 133MHz+ choices. We applaude Azza for using DIPswitches for their ease of use compared to jumpers.

The expansion of the 694TX mainboard can be considered minimal as it only features four PCI slots to the six PCI slots supported by the VIA133A chip-set. The board also features an AMR slot. I personally would prefer an extra PCI slot instead, but an AMR could always come in handy one day. From its expansion, this board looks to be targeted more for the OEM market.

Three well-positioned DIMM slots are located near the upper IDE connectors. Each can house up to 512MB each, resulting in up to 1.5GB in memory. The positioning of the HDD/FDD connector ports is quite good, as they are out of the way of all other components on the motherboard. The ATX power supply connector is conveniently located next to the right portion of the FDD port. The layout of this board is well done.

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