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The ServerWorks LE chipset.

Serverworks or reliant corporation as they were formerly known was around since the Pentium PRO days. Their main focus is and always was the server market. They never had any name recognitions. They relied on specific market segments to expand. Not that long ago, Serverworks had the opportunity to take a big step and jump directly in a much highly demanded server market, where they had the opportunity to grow and grow BIG. Their goal was simple, produce a descent SMP Intel server chipset that could eliminate the need of the expensive Rambus memory that Intelís latest High-End solution (i820, i840) uses and all of this for a lower price than what Intelís i820 and i840ís based solutions are available for.

Chipset Name
Intel 820
Serverworks III LE
Intel 840
Maximum Memory
FSB Support
100/133 MHz
100/133 MHz
Ultra ATA

Serverworks successfully accomplished their mission with their latest ServerSet chipset solutions. The ServerSet LE (Low End) chip is specifically designed for the server market. The LE chip supports both 100MHz and 133MHz system bus for single and dual configurations, spotting PC133 SDRAM support for superior memory performance in terms of higher bandwidth and lower access latency, and capable of handling up to 4-Gbytes of memory. Of course, to overpass the i840 platform in terms of features for the money, the ServerSet LE includes support for up to 2 full 64bit/66MHz PCI busses and supports up to 5 64bit/33MHz PCI busses.It also features an IDE (ATA/66) controller and up to four USB ports. Did we forget to mention an AGP port? Not at all, the LE chipset does not feature one. Because of this, this specific chip is automatically eliminated from being a Workstation solution but continues to be an interesting server solution. Tyan and other manufacturer that started producing boards based on that chip, decided to include onboard video, after all, a server does not need anything powerfull in that area, it just requires an adapter that is preferably compatible with multiple operating systems. Tyan has made the right decision and integrated the ATI Rage XL graphics adapter with 4MB of frame buffer; this solution should be more than enough for this type of product. ServerWorks designs the chips and everything else in terms of design and extra features is up to the manufacturer.

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