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Soltek SL-75DRV SocketA DDR Motherboard

Not too long ago I posted my review of the FIC AD11 DDR motherboard. DDR was definately something we had waited a long time for and the wait was well worth it. Other manufacturers are releasing their DDR products and now we are seeing boards with different configurations hit the market. Soltek sent in their recently released SL-75DRV to be placed under our microscope. It features the new KT266 chipset instead of the AMD sourced 761 northbridge with the VIA 686B southbridge of the AD11. Misr Corp was kind enough to send us the evaluation unit.

The Board
  • Socket A AMD CPU support
  • DDR SDRAM support
  • VIA KT266 (VT8366 + VT8233)
  • ATA-100 Support
  • 1 AGP, 5 PCI, 1 CNR
  • 3 DDR Dimm slots
  • 3D PCI sound on board
  • 220mm x 305mm
  • Support for up to 6 USB ports


(click for a larger picture)

Soltek SL-75DRV page Misr Corp Homepage
Approx $135 USD

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First Impressions

One of the first things that jumps out at you when you first look at the SL-75DRV is that it is very well laid out. The tall heatsinks that surround the AD11's CPU socket are gone, and as it turned out, not necesary. The biggest thing that struck me was that this board has support for 3 DDR modules.

Soltek did a very good job of placing the capacitors that surround the CPU socket a good distance away. That is great news for anyone who wants to use a very large heatsink fan unit (HSF). I easily fit the massive Big MoFoHO heatsink/fan unit that 1CoolPC sent for review on this board. About the only unusual thing I found on this board is that the connectors for the floppy and IDE cables are positioned horizontally and not vertically as on most motherboards. That is something new for me but after looking at a couple of other boards at Soltek's site this is their design practice. This shouldn't be detrimental in any way but it did mean that I had to route my cables a little more carefully to ensure that I didn't block the airflow from my intake fans.


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