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Soltek SL-75ERV SocketA DDR Motherboard

We continue to see revisions to some good designs from Soltek. While we really liked the SL-75DRV2 we thought there was always a little room for improvement. Lo and behold we get in another board but although it shares a lot of similarities with the earlier boards it has some interesting and noteworthy additions. Misr Corp was kind enough to once again send us the evaluation unit.

The Board
  • Socket A AMD CPU support
  • DDR SDRAM support
  • VIA KT266A
  • ATA-133 Support
  • 1 AGP, 6 PCI, 1 CNR
  • 3 DDR Dimm slots
  • 3D PCI sound on board
  • 220mm x 305mm
  • Support for up to 6 USB ports

(click for a larger picture)

Approx $109 USD


First Impressions

What immediately grabbed my attention when I opened the box for the SL-75ERV was its purple color. Even more interesting is that a close look at the tracings shows that they have a pink appearance. Certainly not the most manly of color choices but another good option for people who may have windows and lighting in their cases.

What also immediately stood out is that the ERV has six PCI slots and the vestigial CNR slot. How many times do we wish we had just a little more storage potential? Six slots should satisfy almost any user so this is a welcome addition. Normally I can get a link for you guys at either Soltek or Misr's site for a mainboard but this board is so new that there is no info for it online.


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