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RAID Setup

Benchmarking Setup

Intel Pentium 3 700E @ 980MHz (supplied by AD of K)
Heatsink & Fan
GlobalWin FKP32 (supplied by AD of K)
Iwill VD133Pro w/vdp0612 BIOS (supplied by Iwill)
Techworks 128MB CAS2 PC133 (supplied by AD of K)
Hard Drive
IBM 15.3GB 75GXP 7200 RPM ATA100


Kenwood 72X w/221E BIOS (supplied by AD of K)
Sound Card
Onboard AC97
Video Card
Creative Labs Annihilator GTS 32MB (220 mem/366 core)


Operating System
Windows 98SE
Video Drivers
Detonator 5.22, AGP4.03
Benchmarking Applications
OpenGL From Quake 3 Area version 1.11: demo0001 "N" (640x480@16bpp), demo001 "H" (1024x768@32bpp).
DirectX From Unreal Tournament version 420: UTBench.dem "N" (640x480@16bit), UTBench.dem "H" (1024x768@32bpp). From 3DMark2000 build 335: default benchmark at 1024x768@16bpp (3DMarks).
Other From WinTune98 version 42: D3D (MP/s), OpenGL (MP/s), Memory (MB/s). Video Tests ran at 1024x768@16bpp. SiSoft Sandra 200 Professional. HDTach version 2.61.

Hard Drive Tests

What bugs me the most about the 133Pro is the lack of full ATA66 support. Let me clarify. After hours of testing with 4 different ATA66 and ATA33 cables, and several IDE driver files, I can conclude that the 133Pro does not have full ATA66 support from anything other than its RAID connectors. Since I'm far from the RAID guru, I pondered if using the RAID setup as a standard IDE controller would work. It did. At this time, I'm unable to determine if the highpoint BIOS or drivers need further massaging to get closer to 66MB/s peak speeds. The standard (supposedly ATA66) IDE controllers maxed the IBM out at 30MB/s. Since that curve was a boring flat line, I chose to show you this one:


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