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FIC AN11 SocketA DDR Motherboard

The Board
  • Socket A AMD CPU support
  • DDR SDRAM support
  • VIA KT266A
  • ATA-100 Support
  • 1 AGP, 5 PCI, 1 ACR
  • 4 IDE and 1 Floppy connector
  • 3 DDR Dimm slots
  • 3D PCI sound on board
  • 9.8" x 12"
  • Promise RAID on-board


(click for a larger picture)

FIC AN11 website
Approx $100 USD

It's been quite a while since we've touched a SocketA solution from FIC. Our last FIC review was the AD11 which was the first DDR SocketA motherboard we got our hands on. Luckily FIC contacted us to review their new AN11 SocketA board that utilizes the VIA KT266A chipset. We recently looked at the Soltek SL-75DRV2 motherboard which also utilizes the KT266A chipset so the timing couldn't be better for a direct comparison with the Soltek board.

First Impressions

The first thing that struck me about the AN11 is its cool black PCB. This is FIC's first non standard colored board and it is definately a trend we'd like to see spread to all manufacturers. About the only similarity to the AD11 I had reviewed previously was the PCB size - that's it folks. This is a ground up redeisgn with so many different features you can't even call them similar. At first glance it looks as though this board has 6 PCI slots but the slot directly below the AGP slot is actually an ACR slot.

The other obvious find on this board is the four IDE connectors. You got that right friend, on-board IDE RAID is provided by Promise's PDC 20265 ATA100 RAID controller. For those of you screaming that you like the power of the KT266A chipset but wanted RAID with it you are probably already smiling. Let's put this board through our ringer to find out just how worthy a purchase it is.


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