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The Layout

The NB72 offers average expansion for an 845 solution. It features a standard AGP 4X slot, five PCI and one CNR slot. Three memory banks are available for memory expansion.

DFI opted to take advantage of the implanted AC'97 sound present on the ICH2. This particular codec is very similar to the Sound-Blaster 16 card and should satisfy most of the users. However, if you own a quality surround speaker set and are playing a lot of games featuring multi channel support, you would be better off with a normal high-end audio card such as the Creative Sound Blaster Live. The implanted audio solution features two internal audio connectors (CD-in/AUX in) on the PCB.

The memory slots are conveniently located as to not disturb the layout of the rest of the board nor do they interfere with the AGP graphics card once inserted; a little problem that has been noticed on several mainboards on today's market. The two main IDE and the floppy connector are comfortably positioned behind the memory slots. The ATX power connector is placed just above the IDE connectors; we would have appreciated to see this located near the internal audio inputs of the board in order to avoid having cables block the air flow of the CPU.

One weakness we found is the placement of the two IDE RAID connectors; they are placed behind two PCI slots, this could result in unpleasant experiences with IDE cables and PCI cards. The board features a total of 3 fan connectors. Two of them are located at the top; one close to the CPU socket and the other after the third DIMM slot. The third one is located at the very bottom along with the ATX Case connectors.

The NB72 features hardware RAID support via the well known Promise controller. You can see the Promise chip just above the two IDE RAID connectors. RAID 0 and RAID 1 is supported in hardware.


Overcloking your Pentium 4 on the NB72 will somewhat be limited. While the board offers 1 MHz increasements for the processor's front side bus, no voltage regulation support is present.

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