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Another thing to take note of here is the massive amount of capacitors adjacent to the CPU socket. I've seen a few manufacturers skimp on these, and with a power hungry processor there will surely be stability problems. Luckily Azza hasn't gone that route. The board has two built in USB ports and can have two more added since there is a connector on the motherboard to support them. Since it features on board sound there are connectors for the sound in/out and a joystick. I'm going to say something that I never thought I would say about a small manufacturer like Azza: their board's layout is not only good, it matches the quality of design I've seen from manufacturer's such as Abit, Asus, and Soyo. Wow, that's the second comparison to Abit and Soyo! And it looks like Azzo's engineers are listening to criticism from people like us since they've added a fifth PCI slot. We criticized Azza for only having 4 PCI slots in the past on some of their boards and voila there is a fifth one now. I'm beginning to wonder if we could just dump the AMR slot and have a sixth PCI slot available? Before I get too far on that tangent let me just point out that five PCI slots is the current industry standard, and having that legacy ISA slot sure does help with the occasional dinosaur component that needs to go in a system. Since AMR components aren't available to the average consumer, and never were intended to be, I'd like to see manufacturers dump them from their boards altogether. The AMR slot looks to be the vestigial organ of the computer world - but at least an appendix can be removed!

I'd like to take a moment to point out that 3dfxCOOL sent us the heatsink/fan unit used for testing with this board. The Socket-AHO (Socket A High Output) was designed for Socket A from the get go. There are far too many stories of people crushing their pretty new Socket A CPU because they used a Socket370 heatsink on it. Bart Lane sells these units for only $20 and you can't beat that price for such a large high-quality heatsink. It even comes with a high output 60mm fan on top of it. The clip that holds it on is AMD approved - which is insurance for those who don't want to make a keychain out of their new CPU. Bart even has other Socket A stuff for your overclocking pleasure so I recommend you check out his stuff. We've never had a product that Bart sent us go bad, and his products are always of the highest quality. Nuff said?


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