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The AZZA 815TX Motherboard

Pro Team Computer Corp. is the manufacturer of AZZA main-boards. Incorporated in 1989, Pro Team Computer Corp. started by providing design and testing services to other large main-board manufacturers and has in the process developed a core competency in the research and development of main-boards. Being an outwardly focused and customer-driven company, Pro Team Computer Corp. is now focusing on its ability to create a differentiated main-board with enhanced features that give greater value to customers.

The Unit
  • Intel 815 chipset
  • supports Intel Socket 370 Pentium III and Celeron processors
  • supports 66/100/133 MHz System Bus
  • PCI*4, AGP*1, AMR*1, DIMM*3
  • includes AIR Bus technology supports Ultra-DMA 66


(+,-) $150USD

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The 815 chipset was announced in early July 2000 at Computex 2000. The 815 platforms came to the market to give the expensive, Rambus enabled, 820 platforms a break. That’s how we the consumers see it anyway, Intel had a very different point of view last month when they finally released this RDRAM killer. Intel stated a few times that the 815 chip-set would be a low cost solution, and to prove that, they included an integrated low cost video solution and in a way limited its memory expansion to today’s minimum specs. To all of that, as Tom''s hardware announced it last month, it seems as if Intel is not planning to release a large amount of these boards. Why you ask? Well, if we explore the situation a little bit deeper, the i815 could end up being the 820 terminator.

The Solano 815 platform offers everything a VIA133A, i810E, BX chip-sets combined all together has to offer, and more. The Solano 815 chip-set is available under two different phases, first is the 815 and the 815E. What differs both is their South Bridge. The most advanced version with the E is using a newer I/O Controller Hub, also known as ICH, the newer ICH stepping name is ICH2. The ICH2 offers several newer improvements over ICH such as the use of four USB ports, CNR slots and support of the newer ATA100 standard. The I/O controller hub2 can be found in newer Intel platforms such as the i840 and i820 with the new E stepping. The ICH version in the other hand offers similar features to today’s recent available platforms such as the VIA133APRO chipset. The older ICH supports the standard features as ATA/66, two USB ports. A reasonable money difference between both versions could be noticed. It will be up to you, the user, to decide which will fit your needs. Features such as ATA/100 might be useless, but four USB ports on board could definitely come in handy these days.

Mainboards featuring the 815 chip-sets will be reasonably more expensive than any other VIA133A boards. The price will be very close to the 820 boards. We are looking at Azza’s first 815 solution, which is supposed to be an exception, resulting in a lower price than its competition.

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