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Benchmarking Setup

Intel Pentium 3 933 @ 933MHz and 980MHz
Heatsink & Fan
Intel Retail
Abit SE6 rev 1.0 w/SW BIOS
Mushkin 128MB CAS2 PC133 (384MB total)
Hard Drive
IBM 30.7GB 75GXP 7200 RPM ATA100


Plextor 12-10-32 IDE CD-RW
Sound Card
Onboard AC97
Video Card
LeadTek Winfast GTS 64MB (200 mem/333 core)


Operating System
Windows 98SE
Video Drivers
Detonator 5.22
Benchmarking Applications
OpenGL From Quake 3 Area version 1.11: demo0001 "N" (640x480@16bpp), demo001 "H" (1024x768@32bpp).
DirectX From Unreal Tournament version 420: UTBench.dem "N" (640x480@16bit), UTBench.dem "H" (1024x768@32bpp). From 3DMark2000 build 335: default benchmark at 1024x768@16bpp (3DMarks).
Other From WinTune98 version 42: D3D (MP/s), OpenGL (MP/s), Memory (MB/s). Video Tests ran at 1024x768@16bpp. SiSoft Sandra 200 Professional. HDTach version 2.61.

Hard Drive Tests

Very few reviewers bother to test the hard drive controller. How would you like to purchase your next MB only to find out that your shiny new ATA100 drive is limited to ATA66 or worse, ATA33 performance? My biggest gripe with most VIA 133A chipsetted MB's is that ATA66 support is nonexistent. It's supposed to be there, but I've yet to test one that actually works. In any case, ATA66 is dead, long live ATA100!

I about fell off my chair when the peak tests completed: over 80MB/s peak transfer rate! Only the inherent limit of the outdated HDTach program kept me from seeing anything higher. I hope the writers update it soon.


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