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Ratpadz Precision Mousing Surface

In a perfect world we would all have an optical mouse and a mousing surface that covered our desk. Since this is obviously not a perfect world why not get a mousing surface that closes the gap with those exotic mice and makes gamplay more fun? That happened for me recently when I received a Ratpad from Kyle of HardOCP fame. Although itís not the first premium mousing surface on the market it may surprise you how important it can become to your gaming experience. When the Fragmaster decides to build a better mousepad what does he put into it?


  • 9.5 inches tall x 11.5 inches wide
  • Durable hard plastic construction
  • Arch at bottom extends the width of the board
  • Several rubber feet to hold it in place
  • Easy Maintenance

Whatís wrong with my mousepad?

Actually there probably is a lot wrong with that mousepad your rolling across at this moment. Unless you have ponied up a good chunk of change you have a mousepad constructed of fabric with a foam rubber backing. The foam rubber does a decent job of keeping the pad in place but the real culprit of your inaccurate movement is the dirt that is stored in the fabric of that pad. As you continue rolling across the surface the imbedded dirt will continue to build up on the inner workings of your mouse. The longer you hold onto that pad the quicker youíll notice the mouse gunking up inside. What can you do to fix this?

First, this applies to all mice. Open that rodent up and keep the inner parts clean. No matter how good the surface you work on eventually there will be dirt collecting inside your mouse. Second, keep that mousing surface as clean as possible. Third, replace that regular mousepad at the first sign of imbedded dirt. Hereís the kicker in this situation. If you add up the replacement cost of those rodent carpets over time youíll realize that it becomes an investment. Why not invest in something better?

Quake III: Lock and Load

I canít think of any better way to test this surface than to play a first-person-shooter and describe my experience. The first thing to come to mind when I pulled it out of the box is, "Wow, this thing is huge!" Then I put it on my desk. Yessir, it definitely needs more real estate than my previous pad. That is most definitely good. Once I plunked her in place I tried shoving her over with my thumb to center it in its new home. It didnít budge a bit. I hadnít thought of it previously, but I had to relocate my old pad regularly once I was deep in a gaming session. Then I started Windows and shuffled around the desktop and a few other programs. I adjusted quickly to not having to pick up the mouse all the time and center it on the pad. It was time to enter a game.

Once playing I realized how much I had been compensating for my old mouse surface. I wasnít using a fabric pad but a pad with a slick flexible surface (you guess the manufacturer). Because the old pad had a small surface I would often miss my targets when I had to pick up the mouse and center it up. With the Ratpad I lifted the mouse so infrequently it actually became apparent I was playing whole levels without lifting the mouse more than four or five times. Suddenly I noticed that I was able to move more fluidly and continue my movements without strange stops midstream. The pad never moved once during the entire session. If you get it dirty Kyle recommends cleaning it with window cleaner or throwing it in the kitchen sink.


  • Great accurate surface.
  • One word: size
  • Wonít move unless picked up


  • Not a one

The Ratpad is the definitive pad for gaming. It obtains that status with more than its large size. Add the nonskid feet and itís ease of maintenance and suddenly those old fabric pads look like oversized coasters. I want to point out that this is the first review Iíve done where I couldnít find something negative to list under the cons area. Maybe a product so simple deserves the most credit. It wonít make you a perfect gamer but it will improve your gaming experience and ability to work with your computer. The regular Ratpad retails for $18.95 and the HardOCP logo pad is only a dollar more. Add up the cost of the mousepads youíve gone through and a sub $20 accurate mousing surface is quite a deal.

Reference: http://www.ratpadz.com/

Victor Oshiro

Web Target PC


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