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Mouse Skatez

Funny now mice have suddenly gotten so much attention. We had mice with only two buttons for so long that it was an awesome upgrade to get a mouse with a scroll wheel. Remember what a big deal it was when optical mice first hit the market? Next were precision mousing surfaces that helped to make more accurate tracking with any mouse. Everglide was kind enough to send their latest mouse improver - the Mouse Skatez.

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  • A unique product to help the performance of any mouse

Mouse Skatez Site

$6.95 USD

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First Impressions

The theory behind the Mouse Skatez is elegant because it fixes a common problem so easily. Ever notice that when your mouse was new it slid on the mouse pad much easier than it does now? The mandatory first check is to clean out the ball on a normal mouse. What has also probably happened is that the feet on the bottom of your mouse have developed some wear and now they don't have the slippery properties they once did.

Mouse Skatez are a tape on product that makes the feet of your mouse very slippery. According to Everglide there was enough in the package to do two mice. I was able to stretch it much more than that since my mice have small rubber feet and not long strips of rubber on the bottom of them.


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