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Everglide Mouse Bungee

The Unit
  • Dual Spring Guide
  • Mouse Cord Clip
  • Textured Surface
  • Solid Ballast
  • Non-Scuff Feet
  • Available in: White, Black, Strawberry, Tangerine, Lime, GIGANTA Blue, & Grape.

(+,-) $15 USD

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I've done a couple reviews of some precision mousing surfaces. The first was the RatPadz product and the second was the Everglide Giganta. Everglide was kind enough to contact me recently to see if I would review their latest creation that is supposed to make our mouse related work easier. After sending back a confirmation I found a Mouse Bungee on my front doorstep less than a week later.

First Impressions

I have to be honest about the Mouse Bungee. While studying the pictures at Everglide's site I was very skeptical that I would see any improvement in my mouse tracking with it. The biggest claim made at their site is "No more drags, snags, and tangles!" Wow, for a product that only costs $14.95 that's a lot to live up to.

Essentially, the Mouse Bungee is designed to take the wire from your mouse and keep it from getting snagged from things on your desk or under the mouse itself. I happen to have the perfect test situation here at home: one of my systems has its tower under the desk (and the mouse wire wants to pull the mouse over the end of the desk) and my other main system has its tower off to the side (making the mouse wander to the edge of the desk). I felt the biggest test for the Mouse Bungee would be its ability to help while playing games.

I tossed in this picture to show what all the different flavors of the Mouse Bungee look like. I'm not sure if that light blue one is the Giganta blue one but I'm partial to that color. I got the black one from Everglide, but I think if I were buying one I'd get one of the cool colors instead so that it stood out more on my desk.


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