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Icemat Precision Mousing Surface

When I started reviewing precision mousing surfaces some time ago I had no idea that so many unique designs would enter the market. The first two pads I reviewed were the Ratpadz and Everglide Giganta. The most recent pad I reviewed was the fUnc sUrface 1030. All of these pads feature a plastic surface with variations in shape. Enter the Icemat. This is probably the most interesting mousing surface out there.

The Board
  • 9.75" wide
  • 8.25" tall
  • 1/4" deep
  • Smoked glass construction
  • 6 clear rubber feet

Icemat Site

Approx $28.40 USD

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First Impressions

One of the things that really concerned me about the Icemat is that it is shipped from Europe. The idea of receiving a box full of glass fragments wasn't very pleasing. I am impressed with the packaging the Icemat came in. My parcel guy makes it a point to stress test just about every box that is delivered to me. It is not at all unusual to find a couple of the corners on a box destroyed by this guy (and his workmates). The Icemat not only survived the delivery but the packaging had absolutely no damage to it.

I've used some of the pictures from the Icemat site. What is interesting is that the unit shipped to me has a very large logo silkscreened in the middle and not the small logo that is on the unit pictured on the site. I personally think the larger logo stands out more. The construction is very similar to the glass used in showers and bathroom windows. I've seen similar glass that has been sandblasted to get a very fine surface grain and opaqueness. The edges of the glass are nicely rounded so there are no sharp edges. The unit doesn't have the great rolled edge of the Ratpadz or Giganta but considering its glass construction that may have been unobtainable.


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