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The Test

There is no test for a mousing surface like playing a good first person shooter game like Quake III Arena or Unreal Tournament. Even though I was skeptical about the size of the sUrface 1030 I was blown away by how well it performed while I gamed. One of the unique features of this unit is that the hard plastic surface comes with two distinctly different sides. One side is quite smooth and the second surface is very close to the feel of the Giganta. The Ratpad is courser but not by a huge margin. Simply slip the hard plastic pad into the rubber base unit and you are off and running. Slick!

Another really nice feature of the unit is that the entire lower surface is rubber. I have noticed over time that the Giganta is more prone to sliding on my desk because it has less rubber feet than the RatPad unit. The 1030 pad definately doesn't slide around easily and that goes a long way when playing games that require rapid movements of the mouse. I'd like to point out that in the upper left corner is a metal clip that is designed to hold the mouse cord in place. This is a similar concept to Everglide's own Mouse Bungee. It doesn't do the job quite as well as the Mouse Bungee but it is a notable inclusion.

Even though the Ratpad and Giganta pad are larger I have on occasion still run into the problem of running off the edge. In a really good match that spells disaster. This is one area where I thought that the sUrface 1030 excels. Because the rubber base surrounds the unit as you aproach the edge you'll be tracking over the soft rubber rather than the hard surface. This is like the rough pavement or small bumps on the edge of a highway. I'm not sure if that was intentional but it sure does help.


Were I to change anything on this pad it would be the size. Being 1.5" narrower and 1" shorter does come into play during heavy game playing. That was actually the only thing that kept the unit from getting a perfect score of 10 in my opinion. So is size the big deciding factor in which pad I would purchase? Definately not. This is the best pad I've ever had the pleasure to work with. The combination of different surfaces that can be switched in a moment and that rubber base make it a very appealing unit. Throw in the mouse cord clip and now we're talking about a unit that has more features than the Ratpad and Giganta. Then consider the cool metal tin and we're talking about a lot of value. The edge of the highway effect of the rubber base helps a little with the size problem, but lets hope that fUnc pumps this baby up to a size closer to the Ratpad and Giganta. So there you have it, Everglide found a better pad and are more than happy to sell it along side their own products.

Victor Oshiro 19 December, 2000


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