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Everglide Gaming Mat

The Product
  • 8" High
  • 10 1/2" Wide performance
  • 1/16" Deep
  • .012" Textured Vinyl
  • 1/32" Rubber Base



Everglide Gaming Mat Site $9.99 USD




We've reviewed quite a few gaming products from Everglide. Everything from mats to gadgets to keep your mouse in its place. What struck my about the press release for their new Gaming Mat is that this particular mat is flexible like a normal mouse pad but it isn't made out of the ordianary materials found in mouse pads (mice pads?). What is also really neat about this product is that the mats come with pictures on them. Pretty cool way to set off your gaming area I thought. I wanted to know what material they were using with this new product and if I should consider replacing my solid plastic gaming surfaces.

First Impressions

When I pulled the mat out of it's manilla envelope I was treated to something by UPS: a dogeared corner! The envelope has bubble lining on the inside so I have to wonder if a shipping method that works great with mats like the Giganta needs to be revised for this mat. Take heart though - laying it overnight between two heavy books fixed the problem right away.

The unit I requested was the "cyborg". I think I picked it because it was the most menacing of the bunch. Of the five styles I didn't see one that would look silly on someone's desk. The available styles are "special ops" - pictured at right - "cyborg", "asian swords", "celtic arms", or "the works" which is the other one that I thought would be really neat.


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