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The Hy-Tek MusicCompressor PJB-100

Like the portable MP3 concept but despise the lack of music memory? Have I got the solution for you. Storing up to 81 hours of 128Kb/s music, Hy-Tek's MusicCompressor is the MP3 maniac's dream. Don't fret over battery life either as the space age Lithium cell holds out for a whopping 10 hours of continuous play. Put your entire collection on one machine. Don't have enough CD's to fill the PJB-100? Borrow you friends collection or run down to the local disc dealer; this baby can handle it!

Factory Specifications
The Compressor
  • Up to 81 hours music capacity
  • Output: 50mW at 32 ohms
  • Battery life: approximately 10 hours continuous usage
  • Win98 w/USB required
  • High speed DAE CD-ROM required
  • One year warranty
  • Price: $749 USD


8/10 Rating
What You Get For Your $$$

749 clams is quite a chunk to pay for a computer oriented accessory. You could buy an entire setup for that kind of cash. BUT, do Porsche owners complain that their shiny new wheels depleted their bank account? When you're the best, you don't need to apologize. Along with the Compressor itself is included every add-on that I could possibly fathom.

One major gripe I have is the old looking LCD screen. Right out of the 1980's, this low resolution display would be more at home on a Hewlett Packard or Casio calculator than a product that has such a dear price. It's perfectly functional though and that's one aspect I wouldn't gripe about.

Outside The Case

Side View

From left to right, lets begin with the accessories pic. As always, for the BIG picture, click on the thumbnails. A USB cable, AC power supply with 110/220 snap in adapters, a carrying case and strap, and a 1/8th inch stereo to dual RCA jacks round out the offering. The CD contains the floppy sized JukeBoxManager software for uploading and MP3 file manipulation. The headphones are Koss portapro and come in a handy draw sting case. The manual, while very informative if you ever need to crease the pages, is nevertheless the most plain black and white piece that I've seen in quite some time. If you need extra batteries, etc., view the Options page. A 1-800 number is listed if webbing doesn't suit your fancy. Lastly, a side view depicts all the other relevant controls and switches not found on the front panel.

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