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Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard

The Board
  • USB Interface
  • 4.5" W x 3.5" D x 1" H
  • Works with modem or broadband internet connections
  • Allows you to use your phone to make internet phone calls
  • Supports Win98 or Win98 SE only

(+,-) $99.95 USD

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If you are like me you have friends and family spread all over. Trying to keep in touch with all of them can add up to some really large long distance bills. A while back software began to show up that allowed you to connect to someone on the other end via the internet. Most of these software titles required that both users are online and usually that both users were using the same software to achieve it. Actiontec has seen the writing on the wall and come up with their Internet Phone Wizard. This device is a USB component that allows you to connect your phone line through the unit - and enable you to make long distance phone calls via the internet on your phone. Because the software that is packed with the unit allows for free long distance phone calls in the United States and Canada I think that this will be of great interest to many of our readers. The service whose software is packed with the unit has discount pricing for long distance calls to many other countries in the world, so this may allow a huge cost savings to people who regularly make international phone calls.

The Unit and Setup

The Internet Phone Wizard is quite small. It's design mirrors the look of Actiontech's external modems. Included in the box are the Internet Phone Wizard, a quick start guide, user's manual, CD-ROM with software, a USB cable, and a phone cord. That's pretty much everything you would need to get it up and running. On the same CD that has the drivers there is included Deltathree's software. Deltathree is a web based long distance service. In the included manual there are instructions for using Deltathree's service, and since Deltathree offers free long distance calling anywhere in the U.S. or Canada it is a good place to start.

The Internet Phone Wizard is very easy to setup. Simply hook up the USB cable to the unit and the computer and install the drivers included on the CD-ROM. Next, you have to decide with you will use an inline install with a regular modem or if you will be using a broadband connection hookup. Both setups are clearly explained in the accompanying manual and there are some nice clear diagrams to follow to get you going. Once you have all the hard connections and drivers installed all you need to do is install the Deltathree software from the CD-ROM and you are in business. During this process you will have to configure your "recording" and "playback" device. Simply select the Internet Phone Wizard as your recording and playback device.

Minimum System Requirements

  • IBM compatible computer with a USB port
  • 16 MB Ram and a CD-ROM drive
  • Windows98 or Windows98 SE A touch-tone analog phone
  • Analog telephone line LAN or modem-based internet connection


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