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The Board
  • DVD-ROM upto 13,5809 KBps
  • CD-ROM upto 6,000 KBps
  • Access Time < 85 ms


(+,-) $129 USD


I have always been a Hi-Fi nut. When DVD technology became available two things were immediately apparent: that the sound would be digital quality, and that the picture quality should also be incredible. Although a hi-fi VCR can work pretty good, the first time you see a movie in DVD format you'll realize how much clearer and better sounding DVD is. DVD naturally came over to the PC market quite quickly, mostly due to the inherent increase in storage that DVD offered over conventional CD's. Video and sound cards have progressed to the point now that a computer can power a software DVD decoder to the same levels of performance that a home DVD player can. While hardware based decoders have been available for some time now, it takes a fairly fast processor with a good video card to get good performance from a DVD player in a computer.

I came across EPO on a shopping excursion to replace a CD-ROM drive that failed. While there I discovered a very reasonably priced 50x CD-ROM drive. Since this was for my testbed system I was willing to try out a new company, especially when the price was so reasonable. When I got home I checked out the EPO website and was surprised by how many products they manufacture. Considering that EPO was new to me that was a very good sign of a company that was moving into the market. After contacting EPO USA they agreed to send a 10x DVD-ROM player for review.

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