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The D-Link DSC-350 Digital Camera

D-Link Corporation is definitely not the new kid on the block, since 1986, they were always known as one of the leading manufacturer of networking, connectivity and Data Communication products. Just last year, D-link saw a big opportunity to enter todayís Computer Multimedia Dimension. Since 1999, D-link manufactured several interesting award winning audio video products as their USB Radio, USB Video Capturing solution and PC Cameras. D-link continues to offer the best value in the connectivity market today by combining quality products with affordable prices. A few days ago, they have officially announced their newest product to be added in their Digital Home product line. The DSC-350 Digital Camera. The DSC-350 is a low cost digital camera for the home user or photo amateur. Its unique and competitive price tag of 129$ sets it all.

The Unit
  • CMOS Light Sensor with 350K Pixel
  • WebCam: 30 fps @ VGA (640x480), 32 fps @ QVGA (320x240)
  • Video Recording: 4 fps @ QVGA (320x240), 20 fps @ (160x120)
  • Weight (without battery) 110g
  • Dimension 96mm(W) x 58mm(h) x 31mm(D)


(+,-) $129

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Technical Impressions.

By unpacking our unit, I was amazed of the small size of the DSC-350. Measuring only 96mm(W) x 58mm (H) x 31mm (D) and weighting as low as 110g without the batteries is putting this camera in the ultra portable line. The unit features a 350K pixels CMOS sensor capable of capturing up to 1024x760 at 24 bits of true color.
The 1024x768 resolution is obtained by interpolation. You have the choice of using three different resolutions. First is 320x240, 640x480 and third is 1024x768. We recommend using the highest for optimal results. The unit features an astonishing 8mb of storage. I must say that I was quite thrilled to see this specification for this low cost 129$ Unit. Most superior quality cameras averaging around 250$ feature only 4MB and here we see 8MB for a unit costing almost half the price.

One feature that makes this 129$ unit unique is its capability of a PC camera. The unit is capable of capturing at 30 Frames per second at VGA Mode. You can now spend 40$ extra on this product instead of buying a stand alone PC camera for your video conference needs, and get a normal, quality portable digital camera.

Another interesting point is its capability to capture video. The DSC-350 is capable of capturing video at up to 20fps. It uses the QVGA format at 320x240 for up to 5 minutes of video at four frames per second, or at 160x120 for up to 5 minutes of video at 20 frames per second. The output files are saved in Avi files (Video for Windows). The video quality it self isnít perfect, but remains neat for this 129$ unit.

I must say that I was quite disappointed to find that there is no Flash. When I first unpacked the unit, I have thought that the little square on the top right of the unit was the flash, but I ended being wrong. It was the viewfinder. You will find out a little bit later, in the sample pictures that this camera could easily capture higher quality in door pictures if D-Link included a flash.

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