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Touching the tiny Coppermine core still has me in awe of the 0.18u microscopic design process. I can only imagine what resolution on the engineer's huge monitors that must be required. My sample was manufactured in Malaysia in the 13th week of 2000. Click on each pic for a 200-400 dpi hi-res image. For best viewing, adjust your monitor to 1280x1024@24bit color or greater.

CPU Bottom
HS & Fan 1
HS & Fan 2

The GlobalWin FKP-32

The heatsink fan package is the hot new GlobalWin FKP-32. This monster is the biggest setup for a FC-PGA I've ever seen! It's heatsink is a very efficient and smart design. Contacting the processor itself is the smaller portion (area wise) and looking closely, you'll spot the slight indent (click on HS & Fan 1) that steadies the heatsink against the raised portion of the ZIF socket. A few millimeters higher up, the heatsink spreads out on two sides to increase the surface area without blocking CPU space and capacitors on the motherboard. The engineers even figured out a way to keep the height to the absolute minimum by way of eliminating the screws that waste 3 mm on the top of the fan. The fan is the same unit used in the less expensive CPM-32 and is rated at 26 CFM at 12 volts. And you hear every foot of it. Clips are ingeniously used to secure that fan to the heatsink--nice touch.

Height Comparison

36 mm
25 mm
25 mm
25 mm
3 mm
61 mm
53 mm

ZIF (zero insertion force) sockets are great, they have eliminated the nearly 100 lbs of force required to insert older socketed processors. Anybody notice that the force and dexterity required to push and hook the newer socket-370 clips have taken the place of the old processors? Pushing down is one thing, but pushing down while angling the clip in a tight space can be hard on the thumb. While I've never actually measured the force, I'd bet that 30-40 lbs are required to install the heavy duty models, similar to the ones that come in GlobalWin packages. After a few grunts, I'm dubbing these quick-clips as "Jesus" clips for obvious reasons.

The FKP-32 package comes with a small packet of high performance thermal grease. Two grams may not seem like much, but when you have approximately one square centimeter to lightly cover, that packet is overkill. It could probably be good for 50 or so Coppermines. Needless to say, put the grease on the processor, not the heatsink. That way, when you force the Jesus clip on...for the third or fourth time, you don't get grease all over your fingers.

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