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The Vantec FCE-62540D


Vantec has gathered quite a name for themselves when it comes to cooling products. Their latest creation, the 62540D continues in that genre with a serious heatsink and fan combination. At first glance, it appears that the Socket 7/370/A compliant unit couldn't possibly fit onto many motherboards, but wait, the bottom surface is recessed to such a high degree that compatibility is almost a non-issue. As long as this model meets your height restrictions, usability won't even be a passing thought. Thanks goes to Vantec USA for the review sample.

Factory Specifications
Vantec FCE-62540D
  • Fan: 38 CFM output
  • Noise: 46.5dBA
  • Power: 3.84W
  • Current: 320mA
  • HxWxD: 71x60x80mm
  • Price: $18 (Web)


8/10 Rating

Description & Specifications

Tired of wimpy clips that mash your thumb during installation? The Vantec has a clip that relieves most of that concern. The fan adheres to the heatsink in an ingenious fin/clip arrangement, so the screws are short but the fan is still stable (not wobble prone). The fan looks like a typical model from Global Win FKP/FDP products, but let me assure you that the first time you fire this conglomeration up, the differences smack you right in this face...a nearly 7000 rpm face.

As noted in the specs, the heatsink has a recessed bottom, so capacitor near the CPU socket need not worry about being pushed or pried to accommodate this mighty hunk of aluminum. The upside (or downside as you see it) is the widening that occurs just above the CPU squash point. The fins flare out to a whopping 80mm (3.15"). Hopefully, this bulge won't interfere with anything else (i.e., RAM strips, etc.). The upside of the design is that airflow is maximized and this combo can be used to effectively cool anything in its proximity, like video cards, RAM and so forth.


Fan Top
Fan Bottom
Cooler Bottom

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