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The Card Cooler XT


Remember the movie Crocodile Dundee? In one scene, Mick is seemingly threatened by a knife wielding hoodlum. Or so the hoodlum thinks. Then, Mick retorts to his girlfriend, "Knife? Now this is a knife." If you think you have seen fans, you haven't seen nothin' until you have The Card Cooler XT laid in your lap. Fans? These puppies are the equivalent of two moderately quiet hair dryers! At 138 CFM (cubic feet per minute), care must be exercised as objects near the twin gail force 12cm blowers can easily be knocked over. My thanks goes out to TheCardCooler for providing the review sample.

Factory Specifications
The Fans
  • 138 CFM Total Output (69 CFM each)
  • Two Sunon 2400 RPM 12cm Fans
  • Only 2.4 Watt Power Draw Each (4.8 W Total)
  • Price: $34 USD


9/10 Rating

Description & Specifications

Fans are well, fans. They blow and suck air, so all that's required by the user is to point the unit in the correct direction. Of course, noise may be a factor, but if you're used to ten 3", high RPM models, The Card Cooler setup is relatively docile.

The pictures and directions are so self explanatory that additional detail isn't required. Installation is extraordinarily simple and straightforward. I just have one gripe and it's that the business (inside) end of the XT needs to have grills. Many times, I caught my own hands or the myriad of IDE and power cables in the blades just enough to make a racket. By placing grills on both sides of the card, longevity and the occasional finger zing could be avoided.

Tesing the XT was straightforward, so without further adeau, on to the pictures and testing section of the review...


XT Cooler

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