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Sanyo's 12x CDR-W (CRD-BP2)

The Drive


  • 12X Write / 4X Rewrite / 32X(CAV)Read
  • Ultra SCSI (8bit Narrow)
  • Buffer size 2MB
  • Half-height PC Built-in Type
  • Access Time 150 msec (CD-ROM/R)
  • Access Time 160 msec (CD-RW)
  • Dimensions: 148.0(W) X 192.4(D) X42.3(H)mm
  • BURN-Proof Technology
  • Scsi 3 (Ultra SCSI)

Sanyo has been around for quite some time now. Not everyone may actually know them well in the PC hardware scene, but we definitely know them in the audio-video home appliance market. Though other companies may offer similar products they offer a good price for whatever market segment they target. But that's not all since Sanyo entered the PC hardware market a few years ago. They manufacture one of the highest quality digital cameras, LCD display's, LCD Projectors and much more. One of their all time specialties is CDR- (W) drive mechanisms.

Sanyo manufactured one of the first 8X CDR drive, which they then followed with a 2x Rewrite add-on, then a faster rewrite add-on (4x), and finally a few months later, they introduced the world's first 12X recorder. Which will now be replaced by the CRD-BP2 with the BURN-Proof feature, which is claimed to become a new standard for Buffer technology in the near future. Many happenings are still to come from SANYO, one of the most talked at this moment is the signed deal with Zen Research about the use of TrueX technology in their products. Sanyo is a fast growing company in the CDR- (W) arena, and we definitely can see a lot of hope in them.

CDR-(W) Impressions

Recording Speeds and Times

74 mins / 650 mb


74 mins

74 mins / 650 mb


37 mins

74 mins / 650 mb


18.5 mins

74 mins / 650 mb


12.34 mins

74 mins / 650 mb


9.25 mins

74 mins / 650 mb


6.17 mins

12X Recording is the fastest reached record speed available in standard half-height form factor drives. At 12x, all you need is 6 Minutes to burn a full 650Mbytes media. Add a promised 32x speed data transfer during reading. Optimized management of 2Mbytes of Buffer w/ BURN-Proof technology results in higher CPU resources and a much more reliable writing. And with the Burn Proof Technology, you can now benefit of full multitasking while burning!

Fast SCSI burst rates, low CPU utilization, added cooling, vibration dampening, large buffer w/BURN-Proof tech, and synchronous data transfer add up to increased efficiency and more reliable CD writing.

Front panel and software controls for easy playback of your favorite music CDs. Flash Firmware allows installation of new firmware without opening the drive. This allows easy upgrades to support the latest technology without having to purchase the next generation drive. Sanyo provided us with the Pre-Released OEM version of the drive. No cables or any software came packed. Note: The drive isn't in its final revision so further tuning may come in the final revision of the OEM product which is soon to be released.

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