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Hansan Systems Space K-1 Case

I've had some good experiences with Hansan's cases in the past. The Explorer III sparked a whole new market that previously had been held by very low quality cases that were big on looks. Hansan was one of the first manufacturers to couple a solid look with quality components. The Hansan Audi followed up the act and introduced us to some great features such as front mounted USB ports and a very good latch design to hold on the cover to the frame.

The Board
  • 17.25" H x 7.75" W x 18.0" D
  • Approx 35 lbs.
  • Works with AT or ATX boards
  • Pentium IV compatible
  • Three external 5.25" bays
  • Two external 3.5" bay
  • Two internal 3.5" bays
  • Simple latch mechanism for easy opening

(click for a larger picture)

Hansan Space K-1 Page
(+,-) $159 USD

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First Impressions

The case shipped was all silver. Imagine the case to the right in only the silver color without the colored accents and you'll get the idea. I think the case actually looks a lot nicer up close than pictures can show. One thing that surprised me was how heavy this case was compared to the previous units I've tested. The construction is very similar to the Audi so I had to wonder where the extra weight popped up. I think I've tracked one of the improvements down to the 300 W power supply. Not only does it feature some great internal parts but there are also the standard fan to exhaust air out the back of your case and now a fan mounted to the bottom of the power supply to suck the heat away from the interior. The power supply is Pentium IV compatible and the case features the extra screw holes to mount a P4 motherboard.

A couple of nice extra touches were the inclusion of an 80mm intake and exhaust fan. What the pictures can't show is that the front plastic fascia of the case is actually open at the bottom to allow lots of cool air to enter the case. Simple, but a lot of cases don't even take cooling into consideration.


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