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Palo Alto PA-120 Mini-Tower

The Unit
  • FlexATX compliant
  • Two USB & Audio on front
  • Mobile CD-ROM bay
  • Dimensions:
    11.5" H x 5.2" W x 9.2" D (292MM H X 132MM W X 234MM D)
  • 90W Power Supply

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Palo Alto is an industry leader in computer cases. They supply cases to multiple manufacturers, with the most prominent probably being Dell. This company also designed the enclosure for the Palm that has been extremely successful, and it also won the company some awards.

Today I am reviewing the PA-120 case. This model is designed for the FlexATX specification and is meant strictly for OEMs. However, it is an interesting review because this is probably one of the smallest desktop computer cases in production. Will it fit the bill for OEMs? Is it good enough to try to get special ordered for yourself?

First, let me explain what FlexATX is. It is essentially a small version of the MicroATX that usually has most everything integrated onto the motherboard, and also will fit into the tiniest of cases. So far, this has strictly been the business of OEMs as they are trying to compete in the low-end market by cutting their production costs and creating more manageable, smaller form-factor designs.

The reason why I got interested in FlexATX is because I was looking to build a home-server that I could stash away somewhere it would not take up a lot of room. By using a FlexATX board and the PA-120, I was able to accomplish that. How has the PA-120 fared?

First of all the PA-120 offers zero room for expansion slots. That means that your FlexATX board had better have everything you need integrated right in. This was a disappointment, but it was a sacrifice that had to me made to accommodate the small size.

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