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Hansan Systems Audi (Power III) Case

It was only a few weeks ago that I posted the review of the Addtronics 6890A mid-tower. Once again you guys swamped me with e-mail about mid-towers. You guys really make it easy for me to figure out what types of products to review. Lucky for us that Hansan sent in a review sample of their newest case. The Audi is yet another Hansan product that caters to the crowd that doesn't want a vanilla-plain box on their desktop. Everyone remember the Explorer III that Hansan sent last year? This case is a great followup to that unit.

The Board
  • 16.9" H x 7.9" W x 16.7" D
  • Approx 30 lbs.
  • Works with AT or ATX boards
  • Three external 5.25" bays
  • Two external 3.5" bay
  • Two internal 3.5" bays
  • Simple latch mechanism for easy opening

(click for a larger picture)

Hansan Audi Page
(+,-) $179 USD

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First Impressions

There are plenty of companies offering similar cases to Hansan's and sometimes with a lower price. Why would I mention that right off the bat? Hansan goes out of their way to find the best quality components and their cases feature some of the most innovative designs around.

The case shipped to me was the Silver/Bronze Metallic unit. It's the case on the left in the picture to the right. Hansan shipped the unit with one 80 mm intake fan preinstalled and an extra 60 mm exhaust fan that mounts near the CPU. Included with the unit was the same great Moretec 300w power supply that I liked so much in the Explorer III. The first thing I noticed about this case was the great quality of its paint job. The paint would look equally nice on a car.

I've noticed that a lot of OEM computer systems are coming with at least one USB port and a joystick port in the front of their cases. Hansan doesn't have the joystick port up front - but how do two USB ports, a headphone jack, and a mic jack sound? Considering the amount of USB joysticks that are hitting the market I'll gladly take the extra USB port over a joystick port any day. If you don't plan to use them they are hidden behind a door.


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