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Addtronics 6890A Mid-Tower Case

Been a while since I've done a case review. When I reviewed the Addtronics 7896A and WTX 8500 cases I found two large cases that I thought could meet most hard-core enthusiasts needs. Increasingly after that I started getting more e-mails asking about my thoughts on certain mid-towers. Obviously you guys haven't had your fill of mid-towers yet so I thought I'd get back to Addtronics and see if their mid-tower, the 6890A, could blow me away like their two larger cases did.

The Board
  • 17.51" D x 8.27" W x 21.26"H
  • 30 lbs.
  • Works with AT or ATX boards
  • Four external 5.25" bays
  • One internal 5.25" bay
  • One external 3.5" bay
  • Two internal 3.5" bays
  • Holds five 80 mm fans and one 92 mm fan

Addtronics 6890A page

(+,-) $134 USD

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First Impressions

The first two cases I reviewed from Addtronics came in very large heavy boxes. I was quite surprised that the 6890A comes in a much more manageable box. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but the box the WTX case came in was simply enormous.

When you decide to go to Addtronic's site there will be one point of contention here. They list the 6890A as a full-tower. With four full bays and one half bay accessible on the outside it puts the 6890A squarely in the same storage and size area as other mid-towers I've reviewed previously. Trust me, if you don't think that this case is big enough for you then by all means move up to the 7896A or WTX case, they have a lot more storage.

When I reviewed the 7896A I really couldn't say enough about its styling and very thoughtful design. The 6890A shares the same design. As a matter of fact, you could cut off the bottom two external full bays on the 7896A and end up with the building blocks for the 6890A. Obviously, when the design isn't broken you don't throw it away. An immediate benefit is that the 6890A can accomodate a lot more cooling than a lot of other mid-towers. How much cooling? How about five 80 mm fans and one 92 mm fan. One area where most mid towers fall short is that they only can accomodate one or two 80 mm fans for cooling. Another benefit of this shared design is that you get a lot of Addtronics standard features such as the filter for the two intake fans in the front of the case and the locking front cover.


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