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A-Pro CS-CY802PX Cyclone Case

Mid-towers...mid-towers...mid-towers!!! You asked and you will receive! Seriously though, from the amount of e-mail that I get requesting mid-tower reviews it has become quite apparent that this is what you guys want. Far be it from me to deny you the reviews that you are interested in.

I posted the Hansan Systems Audi review and this one at the same time to give you two views of where mid-towers are going. You'll notice I review them on totally different criterias though. Wouldn't be fair to rate an Italian race car to the best sport utility in the world so I won't do that with these cases either. Read both reviews and I think you'll see there are some interesting though different opinions in the mid-tower design world. Let's get to today's test subject.

The Board
  • 19.75" L x 7.7" W x 18" H
  • Approx. 30 lbs.
  • Works with AT or ATX boards
  • Three external 5.25" bays
  • Two external 3.5" bay
  • Five internal 3.5" bays (!)
  • Comes with three 38 cfm 80 mm fans



(click for a not much larger picture)

A-Pro's Site
(+,-) $139 USD

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First Impressions

When I saw the specs for the A-Pro CS-CY802PX Cyclone I was simply blown away. If ever there was a case that could satisfy a lot of differing opinions about mid-towers I thought this one might be it.

One of the most apparent things about this case right out of the box is the 80 mm fan that is mounted on its side cover. Already I had a smile on my face. As soon as I slid off the side cover I had to believe that manufacturers were finally beginning to listen to our reviews. Not only does the unit have an 80mm intake fan it even came with an 80 mm fan mounted on the rear of the unit where most cases can only fit a 60 mm fan. Throw in the 80mm fan on the side panel and we are talking about a case that is ready to do some serious cooling right off the factory assembly line. Thankyou A-Pro!

A look at the drive layout of this case also shows that A-Pro is serious about making people happy. How do three external full bays, two external half bays, and an astounding five internal half bays hit you? You could easily setup a server in this thing. I have to mention that two of those internal 3.5" mounting areas are on a tray that mounts them at the top most area of the case. It is held in place with a thumbscrew so you can just leave the drives mounted when you pull it out. That area may be a little to awkward to use but at least every last available inch of this case is put to use. The three internal 3.5" bays are very easy to get to so that should more than accomodate most users.

I have to admit that the styling of the unit is pretty timid by recent standards but that too can be a selling point. I know that there are some of you out there who shudder at the thought of having anything but a beige box on your desk. We know who you are and will figure out a way to change you but until then at least get a box that costs more than the last CD-ROM you bought on sale. If you plan to place the case on the floor A-Pro was kind enough to design it with feet that can rotate outward to give it more stability (you bought a beige box and you want to hide it under your desk too?!?). Seriously though, the added stability is a welcomed addition.


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