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The Speakers

If you have read our previous Videologic review on the Sirocco Crossfire system, Iím sure that you noticed that the DigiTheatre DTS comes with the same satellite speakers. The satellite Cabinets are manufactured from Mica-loaded polymer containing magnetically shielded Audax drive units.

Because of production costs of the original sirocco set-up, Videologic decided to shrink the size of the casing and at the same time use a 3" Audax driver instead of the original 4" driver used in the original siroccoís. A 10mm high-frequency polymer dome tweeter is used to provide crisp and clear treble and an 80mm Audax cone is present for bass and mid frequencies. The dimensions of the satellites are 100 x 136 x 79mm; 3.94 x 5.35 x 2.91 inches.

If you remember in our Sirocco Crossfire review, I had two main complaints on the satellites touching their exterior design. My first note was the lack of mount support; an expensive system targeted for the home gamer, like the crossfire, lacking of wall mount support was not quite acceptable. My second concern was the lack of speaker grills, Curious kids and expensive speakers placed on your desk donít mix. Videologic after reading some of the online reviews noticed that something had to be done in order to start getting these almost perfect ratings from reviewers. They decided to implant these in upcoming systems. When we received the DTS set last month, upon opening the package, I was thrilled to see the new satellites. All Sirocco Crossfire systems now come with these improved units. They come with protection grills, a little bit delicate but overall acceptable.

Satellite Open
Satellite with Grill protection

The second improvement was less noticeable. Nevertheless, as promised Videologic took care of the mount wall support, although not exactly in the way most of us would have expected. What they did is added two little holes on the back of each satellite. These two holes are used to mount the optional videologic satellite brackets.

Satellite on wall
Wall Bracket

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