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The Diamond Audio ProMedia 3025 Speakers


Remember the MidiLand S2 4100? Diamond Audio engineered and produced that line of speakers for MidiLand. Great sound, great price point. Now, DA (not to be confused with Diamond of video card fame) has amicably severed their ties with MidiLand in favor of going it alone. The 3025 represents their highest model of the ProMedia lineup. This is the first review in a series of three, the 2012 and 2010 will follow shortly. For now, let's have a listen to their only three piece setup, the 3025. *Update* As DA thinks that the review sample I received was defective, they are sending a replacement. This review will be updated to reflect any appreciable differences when the newer sample arrives.*End of Update*

Factory Specifications
The Unit
  • Power Output: 5w/ch satellites, 15 watts subwoofer
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-18KHz
  • AC Adapter: 43.9 VA
  • S/N Ratio: 90dB
  • Total Output: 98dB SPL
  • Warranty: 60 day return policy, 1 year total
  • Website only price: $79.95 USD


4/10 Rating

Description & Specifications

This is your typical satellite/sub three piece speaker design. While DA chooses to keep the driver sizes a secret, I measured the woofer and midrange units with a ruler. They are 5" and 3" units respectively.

The AC adapter is huge and thankfully DA chose not to require the just over 40VA (volt-amp) unit be plugged directly into a socket as it would cover several slots on a power strip. It features cords on both ends.

The power and volume buttons are located on the right satellite stand. They have the usual up/down and hold operations. If you push and hold either the up or down button, the sound increases or decreases rather quickly. If this isn't desired, then simply push momentarily up or down to get an incremental increase or decrease in loudness.

Instead of placing the sub port in the rear, DA placed it right on the front panel in plain view. Don't make the mistake of aiming the boomer box toward the wall as this could muffle the sound or adversely affect the frequency response. The rear of the cabinet houses all the connectors and sub adjustment control.


DA's marketing department makes specific mention that their products are not rated with the fake and largely untestable PMPO (peak music power output) specification. When they claim X watts per channel, they really mean it! Considering that this is the first three piece setup sporting a power supply brick that exceeds the combined 30 watts output rating, I was eager to start the measurements part of the review well in advance of actually listening to the 3025's.

Objective Measurements

Data acquired and reported of this type is done without any opinion or bias whatsoever. For a quickie brush up course on audio terminology and measurements, point your browser to the Audio Reproduction Systems article.


Woofer Impedance
Frequency (Hz)
Voltage (V)
Current (mA)
Impedance (Z)


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