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DTS Audio Ė Donít Just Listen, Experience

Unless you havenít been at a movie theater in the last few years and have zero interest in todayís audio entertainment, chances are that you already heard of the DTS technology (Digital Home Theater). DTS was first introduced in 1993 with the introduction of Steven Spielbergís blockbuster Jurassic Park. JP was the first movie to ever use the Digital Home Theater format, in fact DTS was born with the movie it self. Since, this technology changed forever the sound experienced in movie theaters. The successful introduction of Jurassic Park in 1993 attracted many film markers to use the Digital Theater Sound in their work and with time became a theater audio standard preferred by audiences.

Being already popular among DVD Home Theater owners, DTS entertainment expanded their horizon and focused on DVD Audio and 5.1 Music discs. In this article we look at two of DTSís Audio Formats.


Pretty much like the introduction of DVD Video, offering by far superior quality to traditional VHS tapes; DVD-A (Audio) is an outstanding innovation over an ordinary musical CD.

Like a DVD Video disc, DVD-A (Audio) holds up to seven times the capacity of a standard CD making it possible to use very little audio compression for optimal audio output.

Because of Space/Compression limitations on ordinary audio CDs, they only come encoded in two-channel stereo. With the use of a DVD disc, DTS Entertainment has the possibility on offering music in a full surround environment (5.1, 6.1 ES) and/or in Stereo.

Of course these are not the only features of DVD-A. One of the most exciting is the possibility of including information on each disc. Each DVD-Audio disc includes menu screens to access features and options. Like with DVD Movies, with some titles you can now read artist biographies, commentaries, lyrics, video clips and much more.

DTS DVD-A Discs are compatible with all the DVD players on todayís market. Because DTS-DVD-A Discs also feature a Dolby stereo environment, you donít even have to have a DTS decoder to enjoy them. DTS DVD-Aís are ranging around 25$ per album.

  • DVD-Audio improves upon CD, just like DVD-Video over VHS
  • Better sound quality, plus 5.1 surround, plus video extras
  • MLP tracks require DVD-Audio player & receiver w/6 inputs
  • DTS/DD tracks play on regular DVD players w/Digital Out

DTS 5.1 Music discs

DTS 5.1 Music discs are another interesting offering from DTS Entertainment, this time on standard compact discs. DTS 5.1 CDs are re-mixed into a 5.1 channel surround from the original masters to provide a more realistic music experience. Instead of the traditional 2 Channel Stereo mode provided from standard audio discs, DTS 5.1 discs enhances the audio and mixes it in the 5 main speakers and subwoofer resulting in a richer and more realistic sound experience.

Connecting the digital output from a CD player, DVD player, CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive to a 5.1 DTS decoder can play all DTS-encoded Music CDs. To date there are over 115 DTS 5.1 Audio Compact discs available for sale with new titles scheduled to come every month. Like for DVD-Aís, prices are currently ranging around 25$ per album.


DTS Entertainment has done a great work with their DTS 5.1 Audio and DVD-AUDIO products. Why stay old fashioned when there is an open world for improvements to be made. For true music fans out here, DTSís 5.1 Audio discs are without doubts something to recommend. After listening to 5.1 Discs for a while, I can predict that most wouldnít feel very comfortable getting back to their standard compact discs; itís a totally different experience.

DVD-A is another interesting audio solution that is expanding every day. Featuring full menus and giving record companies the opportunity to include artists biographies, lyrics, comments and even video clips is quite innovative for what was expected to be a music album just a few years ago.

These CDs are playing in the 25$ range, thatís a high price to pay for a music album if we compare it to the traditional compact disc. Of course, as already stated, both of these formats are by far superior to the standard audio cd's we are used to. If you are an avid music lover and want to not only hear, but experience the music, DTSís Audio is the way to go.

We would like to thank DTS Entertainment for providing us with sample audio media to conduct this article. Stay tuned for more DTS related work in the near future.

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