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Comdex 2001 Coverage Part 3

This is our third and last Comdex 2001 report. Iím currently in my flight heading back home to Montreal. Most of my work that has been planned for this yearís event got completed in the first two days, so in other words I had the other three days to browse around the main floor, meet new companies and say Hi to some of the companies we worked it in the past.


Leadtek like not many other companies had a nice booth on the show floor. They weíre showing off their latest Geforce 3 solutions, video conferencing products targeted for the business market and their latest mainboard solutions.

We got a glimpse of their latest P4 solution the WinFast 9600QSA and their AMD product the WinFast 7350KDA. Both of these boards seem to be quite interesting, we should be getting them in our labs in a short while.


MSI had a nice showroom at the Venetian Hotel. They had most of their products showcased there for the visitors.

One of the first mainboards that caught my attention was their K7N420 Pro AMD solution based on the nForce 420 Nvidia chipset for its features wise offers. They had a couple of interesting Pentium 4 solutions as well, first is their 845 Pro2 based on the 845 chipset, offering RAID support and a Cmedia 6 Channel sound card. Second was their 645 Ultra mainboard based on the SIS 645 chipset, featuring support for 3 DDR DIMMís with support for DDR333.

Other than that, they had their latest Geforce 3 solutions, the GeForce 3 Ti200 Pro-TD and the Ti500 Pro-TD. In addition, they included their Slim P4 and Multimedia PC on display.


ECS wasnít really on my visit list for this yearís Comdex but as they were close to MSIís suite I had to pass by and introduce us to them. We have never reviewed their products in the past and hopefully this could change in the near future.

They had some interesting AMD solutions on the display. The K7VTA3 based on the KT266A chipset built on a red PCB, and their K7S6A based on the SIS 745 chipset. Their marketing manager should be getting back to us touching our relation ship with them; hopefully we could start getting their products in our lab for tests sometime soon.


Aopenís showroom was situated at the Venetian, a couple of feet from MSIís place.

They weíre showcasing some of their latest mainboard and video solutions. A new P4 solution from them was the AX45 mainboard based on the 645 chipset.

Their GeForce 3 solutions on display were the Ti500 DV64 and the Ti200 DV64.


Enlight was displaying some of their new products.

First they introduced their new version of the EN-7237 case, basically both are the same, except the new one features two front USB ports. Their other new announcement was their new EN-7247 case. This one is similar to the 7237 Model, but offers much more features to it. Some of the main include a different panel design; silver front, front USB ports and as far as what touches the interior, it offers totally screwless drive rails.

More news from Enlight is their entrance in the cooling market; they showcased their latest heatsink solutions, which I can say look good.


I had much pleasure browsing this yearís Comdex even thought it wasnít really what I had in mind for this yearís event. I made new contacts at the show, which should help us expand our hardware reviews one step further. In addition to our report, we have met several other companies that werenít included in our reports simply because there wasnít much to announce on them this year. I hope you enjoyed our three-part report, please feel free to post me any comments at oleg@targetpc.com

Oleg Mitskaniouk


Web Target PC


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