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Just like most of the major players in the mainboard market, FIC didnít have a booth on the show floor, like last year they opted for a private hotel suite where they weíre demonstrating some of their latest products.

They had an ATI 9700 PRO card that once available will be stock overclocked, while we didnít get too much details by how much it will be running higher, they confirmed that they are targeting a 8%+ increase in average.

In this picture you see the brand new FIC boxes, with a slimmer and more professional look these boxes will be a big improvement over FICís previous design.

FIC had an interesting PC/DVD unit in their room. Basically itís a complete computer system running on the VIA C3 Processor but whatís different is that this unit wonít be coming with a Hard Drive and will still be able to play DVD movies. FIC has integrated a DVD player in its bios making it possible to playback DVD movies without even having any operating system. Featuring composite video output this little box is basically a stand alone DVD player.

Its working just like the BIOS setup of the computer system, to start the DVD player, you have to press a key while the PC boots and it will automatically prompt you to the player. Other good news is that you can install an IDE hard drive to the system and use it as a complete computer system. This product will be retailing for around 120$ USD, quite an attractive price I would say.

FIC Hammer system

In the motherboard section, FIC had a board featuring the VIAKT400A, which is a dual channel DDR solution for the Athlon XP. FIC had also a total of four working hammer boards which one of them was based on the NVIDIA Crush K8 chip. In addition we spotted an early sample of the FIC VL31 board which is based on the Intel Springdale chipset and is designed for the upcoming Pentium 4 Prescott Processors. The Springdale will be released in the first quarter of 2003 and will have support for Dual Channel DDR 333, AGP8X and the new ICH5.

SlateVision Tablet PC

Working on the SlateVision

In addition, FIC was showing off their Tablet PCís. Their FIC SlateVision Tablet PC features the Windows XP Tablet PC Operating System. The SlateVision Tablet PC offers a type II PCMCIA Card Slot with Card bus support for further expansion. The unit comes standard with onboard 56K Modem, 10/10 Ethernet LAN and 802.11b Wireless LAN. Other features include USB 1.1, IEEE 1394 and IrDA 1.1. The SlateVision† has a 4.5hrs battery life and will soon be featuring the Crusoe TM5800 CPU at 1GHz †FIC has strong plans for the SlateVision as the company plans to have offers at big retail chains such as Best Buy, Fryís and CompUSA with prices around 1300$ USD.

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