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Consumer Electronics Show 2002 (CES) Report

This is our first visit to the Consumer Electronics Show and I must say that we we’re quite happy with the four days the show took place; we met several new companies offering interesting products for both the computer and electronics market on which we could offer exclusive reviews in the weeks to come. In this article we look at some of the most interesting booths at this year’s event.

For optimal performance we did not compress the pictures, loading times might be longer for some and click the picture to enlarge.


Here is a nice group of Viewsonic LCD monitors. The white one of the bottom left is the new VP201M 20.1” model. The black on the upper right is the new VP230MB 23” model. These are definitely some good-looking units. Up close, they are very bright and have good contrast.

Another shot of the 23.1” unit. This is the largest I have seen of this type of LCD.

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