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Oleg Mitskaniouk - Editor in Chief

Oleg Mitskaniouk founded Target PC in 1999. He currently holds the position of Editor In Chief. Oleg handles parts of the review work and is taking care of the business management of the site. (Contact)

Victor Oshiro - Senior Editor

Victor Oshiro is our first senior editor. Before he discovered computers he was learning to tear cars apart and put them back together. Victor joined our team in the very beginning. (Contact)

Don Nguyen - Senior Editor
Don Nguyen graduated from the John Molson School of Business with a Bachelor in Marketing and a Minor in Human Relations. Don helped the expansion of Target PC within Canada and the U.S. (Contact)

Justin Svatina - Senior Editor
Justin Svatina graduated from Concordia University in Electrical Engeneering and joined forces with Oleg Mitskaniouk in 2000 during Target PC's development stage. Justin ensures the quality and the overall presentation of the magazine. (Contact)

Melanie Hachey - Senior Editor
Melanie Hachey graduated in Communications Studies from Concordia University and is the final member of the team of senior editors. Melanie creates and develops business affiliations on top of guiding Target PC into new editorial directions. (Contact)

William Yaple - Technical Editor

William Yaple holds a Bachelor Degree in Art and Mathematics. His technical and informative audio reviews attract thousands of avid audio professionals around the world. William designs and builds FM stereo transmitters and high-end analog electronic audio amplification circuits. (Contact)

Eric Murphy - Site Developer

Eric Murphy is a senior at the University of Northern Iowa. Eric is taking care of the back end of the site and is responsible for our site layout. In addition, Eric is working as a programmer for the Mozilla and Jabber projects. (Contact)

D. Scott Salveson - Article Editor

Scott Salveson joined us in December of 2001. He is handling our new article section and works with our editorial staff touching product reviews. In addition Scott runs a consulting firm providing marketing, internet consulting and other services to businesses around the world.

David Dorgerville- Editor

David joined us in early 2002 as a technical editor; in addition of writing reports for Target PC he also helps in our public relations. (Contact)

Franco Santelli - Senior Gaming Editor

Franco Santelli is our Game Editor, specializing in both console and PC games. He is a John Molson School of Business graduate and holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and a Minor in Management Information Systems. He has co-developed strategy games and has been reviewing games for over a decade. (Contact)